Tuesday, March 4, 2008

South American "Dust-Up?" Chavez Sells Uranium to Terrorists?

While most of the world is concentrating on the "Horse Race" between the Clinton Political Machine and the "short term" Senator who seems to only believe in "the future and change" --whatever that is-- the "Dogs of War" seem to be straining at their leashes in South America.

Venezuela has now closed it's borders with Columbia. This, after a recall of their diplomats and a severing of diplomatic ties with Columbia and expelling their diplomats. Ecuador has also withdrawn its diplomats from Columbia.

The "Madman" Chavez is massing troops at his boarder. According to reports, some TEN Battalions of Venezuelan troops are now at, or en route to, the Columbian-Venezuelan border.

Ecuador's President, Rafael Correa said over the weekend, "The situation is extremely grave and the Ecuadorean government is disposed to go to the ultimate consequences."

Columbia is now wanting to bring Hugo Chavez to the International Criminal Court on charges of financing and supporting terrorism. Columbia is also alleging that Chavez sold the terrorist organization FARC 50 KILOS of URANIUM. Columbia says captured documents show that the uranium was purchased this month. Chavez is also accused of providing $300 million in funding to FARC.

Columbia says it will submit its evidence to the Organization of American States for forensic analysis.

These events were set in motion over this past weekend when Columbia bombed a terrorist base (FARC) in Ecuador. FARC or the "Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia" is a terrorist organization according to the US and EU.

During the raid, Columbia killed "Raul Reyes," the second in command and spokesman for FARC. The US had offered a $5 million bounty for the arrest of Reyes.

This is looking like it has the makings of something serious that may draw the entire western hemisphere into taking sides and drive the price of oil even higher.


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