Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Arab League to Israel: Ssshhh! Don't Tell!

This is perhaps the most insane piece of diplomatic news I have heard in a while. "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" has reached the Mid-East-- But not in regard to sexual orientation-- in regard to Israeli Nuclear Weapons.

The Arab League released a statement today from its meeting in Cairo. The statement said that if Israel ever officially announces that it has nuclear weapons, members of the Arab league will withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and ask the UN to have Israel destroy its Nukes.

Why is this insane? Because everyone KNOWS that Israel has nukes-- Including the members of the Arab League. They are not saying, if we DISCOVER that Israel has nukes, or if we have OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE that Israel has nukes, or if we SUSPECT that Israel has nukes, we will take action. The Arab League stated that if Israel ADMITS it has nukes they will take action…

In other words, Yes, we all KNOW that you have Nuclear Weapons, just PLEASE, keep it quiet and don't ever tell us and we will all just get along. We won't ask, and you won't tell!

Israel of course responded with "Nukes? What Nukes?"


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