Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Stop the Vaping Ban!!

So SMOKING POT is OK- but VAPING IS BAD?????  And now the AMA is calling for a BAN on vaping! This is the BIGGEST Crock of $4I+ I have EVER seen.   The UK equivalent  of the CDC (Public Health England) says VAPING is safe- 95% safer than smoking and they ENCOURAGE people to vape to quit smoking- AND IT IS WORKING!!!!   And Great Britain does NOT have the "vaping illness" that the US does -- HINT- ITS CAUSED BY BLACK MARKET THC & Vitamin E cut fluid!!!!

The fact is, research in the UK has said not only is vaping FAR safer than smoking, but it also has NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER of "second hand vaping issues."

This ANTI-VAPING CAMPAIGN MUST stop.   What has the CDC and the US Government learned since prohibition? NOTHING!    All that banning Vaping will do is drive more people to smoking and climate a safe way to STOP SMOKING.

We have LAWS that say marijuana (and its active component THC) is ILLEGAL.  We have SUPREME COURT that has said State Laws that legalize pot DO NOT supersede Federal Law and the 10th Amendment issues have been superseded by the Commerce Clause (see Gonzales v. Raich, 545 U.S. 1 (2005))  And yet the FEDS CHOOSE not to enforce the law.  Instead we are hearing that VAPING must be outlawed.  


Contact your Representatives and Senators.  Tell them to STOP THE VAPING BAN!