Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day -Not Happy 4th (Repost)

"We hold these truths to be self evident..."

Several times this morning, I have heard something that bothers me.   It is not "spin" on particular legislation.  It is not the latest theory of why a Justice voted the way he did.  It is not an interpretation of some obscure policy or Executive Order.
It was being told "Happy 4th of July"
"...that All men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."

Over the years, it seems to me that almost every one of our Holidays has lost meaning.   Merry Christmas has been replaced by Happy Holidays in an effort to become more "sensitive" and "politically correct."   Thanksgiving has become less about a day of thanks and time with family and more about looking at the store ads, who is opening when for Black Friday, and what is the plan to make the most of the biggest shopping day of the year.  Memorial Day has ceased to be a day where we remember the fallen, or visit the graves of the departed, and has become "the Official Launch of Summer." 

Unfortunately, as have gone these aforementioned days, so is going Independence Day.
"...that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness..."
Of all Holiday's on the American Calendar, Independence Day is unique.   With Independence Day, no American can complain of "religious" overtones as they do with Christmas and for a few Thanksgiving.   It is not about whether one supports the Troops or necessarily remembering those who gave "the last full measure of devotion."   It is not a day where we celebrate our right to freely assemble and associate ourselves with others like us to demand concessions in the workplace (Labor Day- for those who have forgotten the original intent of that day as well).  Nor is it a day set aside for the celebration of the foundations of Christianity.   

Rather it is the day we set aside to Celebrate the foundation of those Rights that secure our Freedoms to Celebrate or Protest all other Holidays.
"...That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the Consent of the Governed..."

Independence Day is just that…the day where we celebrate our Independence.   Recently, a radio show I listen to was talking about the US Citizenship test that immigrants are required to pass before they become citizens and how many natural born Citizens would fail that test.   That conversation caused me to question how many know what it is we celebrate on Independence Day. 
We are not celebrating the beginning of the Revolution- that began in 1775.   We are not celebrating the birth of our Republic as the Republic was not truly formed until the Constitution was ratified in 1789.   We are not even celebrating the founding of our Government, for it can well be argued that our first Government, under the Articles of Confederation, was a dismal failure.  Most shocking of all, we are not even celebrating the day when the Continental Congress voted to Declare Independence from the Crown (John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail after the vote to declare independence,  The second of July 1776, will be the most memorable epocha in the history of America. I am apt to believe it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival”).  New York did not approve the Declaration until July 19, 1776, and the actual signing (for most of the signers) was on August 2, 1776.

We celebrate Independence Day on July 4th because on that day the final wording was approved, and the document was sent to be printed and distributed to We the People.
“…That these united Colonies, are and of Right ought to be, Free and Independent States…

Independence Day is about Freedom.  It is about those freedoms which are established in our Constitution and excercised each and every day by each and every one of us, no matter our Political, Religious, or other affiliations.  It is about the hundreds of thousands who shed their blood and gave their lives, to fight for the very freedoms we exercise when we disagree with each other and our Government.  It is about Celebrating the right to express our selves and our differences.  And yes, it is about Celebrating the Freedom to say, “Happy 4th of July” instead of “Happy Independence Day.”

Gone are the days where Independence Day was celebrated by the whole town, gathering in the square, listening to a reading of the Declaration of Independence and firing the brass cannon in front of the court house.   But the reason for our celebrations remain, the right to be Free and Independent. 

So the next time someone wishes a “Happy 4th,” reply, “Happy Independence Day”
“…for support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Devine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes , and our sacred Honor.”


Friday, May 30, 2014

Lighting Strike More Likely than Murder by AK-47

The leftist have again started calling for an "assault weapons ban"- saying it is sensible and reasonable gun control. They M4gerysuggest there is a grave crisis and anyone who does not support a ban on these scary looking guns is anti-children, pro-violence, pro-death, and all sorts of evil.

Interesting Fact: in the US, you are about 1.24 times more likely to be STRUCK BY LIGHTNING AND SURVIVE, than you are to be murdered with ANY TYPE Rifle (all rifle types- bolt action, lever action, grandpa's .22 rifle, dad’s .30-06 he uses for deer hunting, John Wayne's Winchester and so called “assault rifles”) based on most current complete year data from the FBI.

According to the FBI 2012 extended homicide data (table 8) the total number of murders using a rifle was 322 (that is "three hundred twenty-two" so no one thinks I typed the number wrong). Again, that is for ALL TYPES OF RIFLES - not just so-called "assault rifles." The number of murders with shotguns are even less. These numbers do not include persons killed with a rifle by law enforcement (justified death).  There were 30 total for 2012. It also does not include the 20 persons killed with a rifle in self defense by private citizens- defined by FBI as "the killing of a felon while committing a felony, by a private citizen.” This does not include the number of times a felon was wounded by a private citizen using a rifle, and this figure does not include handguns used in self defense. (table 15). 

The lightning data came from National Geographic "Flash Facts About Lightning." According to this article about 400 people are struck by lightning each year and survive.

The fact is that according to data from the FBI, more people were murdered by blunt objects including hammers, clubs, etc. (518) , knives (1,589), and even using hands, feet and fists (678)  than were murdered by ALL rifles, not just “assault rifles.”  The FBI data for year 2012 also provides four previous years data for reference.  The number of murders with any type rifle was lower for each year than for knives, blunt objects or hand to hand.  On top of it all, the number of murders using a rifle as a weapon has decreased each and every year.

The FBI data is publicly available.  The leftist in Congress, the administration, Brady and Bloomberg ALL have access to this data.  They KNOW that an “assault weapons” ban would do very, very, little.

So I ask, what is the REAL reason the leftist are calling for an “assault weapons” ban?

(No NRA sources were used in the compiling of this data or writing this article).

Friday, April 11, 2014

Air Space Over Bundy Ranch Closed by FAA

There has been a new, and pehaps omnimous development in the Bundy Ranch Standoff.

The FAA has now closed the airspace around the Bundy Ranch in Clark County, Nevada.  This closer was published in a NOTAM (notice to airmen) by the FAA at 2138 UTC (2:38 pm in Nevada) and became effective two minutes later.  The Temporary Flight Restrictions extend in a radius of 3 miles around the ranch up to an altitude of 3000 feet above ground level.

Sectional of Restricted Area (TFR) from NOTAM 4/1687
Effectively the FAA has closed the area to all news helicopters and aircraft or anyone else that might want to see what is happening from the air.  This points to the possibility of serious escalation of the situation.

NOTAM 4/1687 is effective 2140 UTC April 11 through May 11.  The text of the NOTAM is as follows:


The NOTAM can be found here.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Obama Approval Numbers

According to Gallup, the rolling approval of Our Great Leader, HRH Barack the Petulant (Peace be Upon Him) has dropped to 39%.

Currently, Gallup is showing 39% approve and 53% disapprove.

Apparently, 8% said, “Barack who? Ummm… I’m too ignorant to have an opinion one way or another”


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another Intel Leak from the White House- This Time Creating Chaos in Middle East

US-IsraelFlagsChaos and confusion in the Middle East is not really that unusual. However, chaos and confusion in the Middle East that is being caused by, or at minimum exacerbated by, the US, is something that gets my attention- especially when that chaos could lead to a new shooting war.  

First, I will start with what is known for sure. On Wednesday, October 30, 2013, an air defense base in the Syrian port of Latakia, was attacked from the air.  Reports say that Russian SA-125 Neva/Pechora and SA-8 Gecko/Dgreen mobile missiles/launchers were at the base and that those missiles, and other related equipment were being transferred to Hezbollah. 

From this point on, the chaos and confusion starts.  There is something  weird with this tale and the nations involved.  There are parts of this whole mess that seem out of pattern or out of character at best- at worst there is another story here or "something else going on" altogether.

After the Port of Latakia gets hit, Syria basically does nothing.  In fact, they seem to downplay the entire attack. The Dam Press, loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad says, "Yes, Latakia was hit- but no one was hurt.” That has been the response so far from Syria.  To give some background, Israel has bombed, or is believed to have bombed, locations in Syria in January 2013 and May 2013.  After this bombing, Syria just shrugs off the attack.  That might be a little weird, but maybe Assad has a bit too much on his plate right now, with is country being in a civil war, the world accusing him of using chemical weapons on his people, the UN wanting destruction of the chemical weapons. A non-response type response may be the best thing for him to do.  I can buy into Syria doing nothing for now.

After the attack the confusion and likely disinformation begins. There are reports on Lebanese TV saying, Turkey was behind the attack. “Ankara acted in response to a downed Turkish jet [and death of pilots] from last year."  Perhaps this might be plausible- but the Lebanese TV source? An unnamed Israeli official- and the report could not be independently confirmed.  Why would Beirut run an unconfirmed report from anonymous Israeli Officials that points to Turkey?

Now the fun REALLY begins. An unnamed White House source says, Yes, Israel did it!  The United States, long known to be Israel’s strongest ally, throws Israel under the bus in front of the entire world- supposedly because the White House did not want the world to have the impression that the US knew about or sanctioned the attack.  

Yet, at the same time we are sticking it to our friends from the White House, US Secretary of Defense Hagel announces in an address to the Anti-Defamation League in New York, that the US will be providing Israel with six V-22 Osprey's- and the order will be EXPEDITED. The next six Osprey’s to hit the assembly line will go to Israel- moving ahead of an existing US Marine Corp order—The Marines will get their Osprey’s later.

So now we have the US leaking potentially damaging information about Israel one minute and announcing expedited sales of military aircraft the next. Yes, I know that there is, perhaps, a certain level of animosity between "Our Great Leader, HRH Barack Hussein Obama (Peace be Ospreyupon him)" and Israel. I also know that SecDef is not known to be a supporter of Israel- but a leak to damage relations in the Middle East at the same time as an announcement of expedited military aircraft??? This is getting "ODD" here.

The next “out of character” response/reaction comes from the Israeli press reporting Israel is furious with the US leak- again from unnamed sources. Why is that odd? Because Israel does not usually acknowledge that the type of action they are accused of ever happened! At worst they deny everything. Other times when they have been accused by the world of covert action- like in the case of the assassination/mysterious death of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai- Israel just says nothing—no leaks, no hints—nothing. The fact that even "unnamed officials" are saying "we are furious at the US leak" is significant by itself!

Just when you thought this all may be over, another country is denying everything.  Turkey is denying “reports claiming [they] gave Israel 'critical intelligence' prior to [Israel's] alleged strike” in Latakia.  What is really interesting, is they are denying they gave Israel ‘critical intelligence’—at stressing how great a relationship they have with IRAN

At this point, it looks like the only country not making accusations or denials is Syria—and they are the country that was  attacked.

Something odd is going on in the Middle East and the White House has pushed the US right into the middle of it, while shoving our closest ally in the region away from us. The Big Picture is not clear.  I am certain there is more data and information that is not public yet and that this crisis is not over.   Events this complex, controversial, dangerous and chaotic don't just happen on accident. Something is happening and I am sure the next part of it will be "interesting"- whatever it turns out to be.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shutdown 13- Lessons to Learn

With the possible deal announced by Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, it appears that this round of the budget fight might be over. With the apparent end of "Shutdown ’13" there are lessons that need to be remembered from the last two weeks.
  1. -Our Great Leader, King Barack, the Petulant (Peace be Upon Him) will use the power of his office to attack the American People and use the power of his office to cause pain to average Americans. The biggest example of this are the actions of the National Park Service- closing open air memorials (such as the WWII Memorial and Vietnam Memorial) and attempting to close private property – such as Mt Vernon. These actions were, at best, extra-constitutional. More accurately, these actions differ little from the actions of King George III during the 1770’s and are no less Tyrannical. Since the long term memory of most Americans seems to be almost non-existent, and many who would read this will say “King George who?” I will also say that the actions of the President were NIXON-IAN at best. 

  2. -The Main Stream Media will ignore the extra-constitutional actions, illegal activities, and down- right atrocities on the left. When the MSM cannot avoid reporting on actions that appear “bad for the left” they will spin the events or actions to make sure the left appears in the best light possible. For example- ABC News brushed over the conflict over the WWII memorial on October 1, stating the vets were allowed into the memorial - vs. the Stars and Stripes report that the Vets “stormed” the memorial- there is a huge difference between the two. 

  3. -GOP “Leaders”- or better stated, those GOP Senators who are “approved” or “liked” by the MSM and Left- Senator McCain for example- will spend their time attacking members of their own party, rather than standing for principle. Put it another way- the GOP “Leadership” would rather “eat their young” than stand on principle. Senator McCain’s attack on Senator Cruz over the “sort of filibuster” is a prime example. In response to Senator McCain’s comments – Senator McCain, take a Civics Class- we DO NOT live in a Democracy- we live in a Republic. (Not that Senator McCain would care what I have to say- I am only one of his constituents). It is time for the rank and file of the GOP to change the leadership and vote the bums out! 

  4. -The Shutdown showed the excess of the Federal Government. Besides the closure of National Parks and Monuments- done mostly to “cause pain” to the average American, the impact on the average American was negligible. Now I am sure someone will be screaming, “But Federal Employee’s did not get paid!” Actually- they will. Federal Employees just got two weeks off, paid, and car manufacturers are saying federal employees can “defer” up to 3 months of payments on their vehicles! WOW! I wish I could get that the next time I am laid-off or furloughed from a private organization!

  5. -The GOP "Leadership" in the Senate is the best there is at "grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory."   
These are just a few lessons that could be learned from Shutdown ’13. Hopefully these lessons will be remembered when it is time to vote in November 2014-but I fear they will not. I am quite sure there are many more lessons that can be learned, and I invite readers to comment and add or discuss lessons that should be learned.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Who Really Owns the Parks?

Before this last week, I thought that National Parks belonged to the "People" of the United States- that National Parks were lands set aside and held in Trust for not only those alive now, but for future generations- that the purpose of the National Park Service was to serve the People, maintain the parks and to serve as guides to help people enjoy the Parks.

Apparently, I am wrong.  Apparently the Executive Branch owns National Parks- not the People.  The Parks are lands set aside for the President to use for two things:

1st- the lands are set aside to serve as a rally location for those that agree with the current Regime - like the Pro-Amnesty rally on the Mall this last week (despite the shutdown).

2nd- Parks exist for the President to use to inflict personal pain on Americans and visitors - the "make it hurt strategy"- by preventing people from "looking" at things within the Parks from private areas (such as shutting down road pull off areas in South Dakota that are outside a national park so people could not even see Mt Rushmore), or closing access roads to allow people to look at one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world by closing sidewalks that pass a wall that lists the names of those that died serving their country (Vietnam Memorial).

Apparently the Park Service exists to close roads, sidewalks, harass citizens, and to do the bidding of the President, to "make it hurt."

A great number of our National Parks are natural wonders- they existed LONG before there was a US Government and will continue to exist long after the US Government is gone.  These Parks were not "built" by the Government.  Yes, at these parks, roads, visitor centers and other structures were built- sometimes before the park was a "Park"- but the fact remains that with these natural wonders, people are more interested in viewing the "handiwork of Almighty God" than they are in looking at the wonders of the visitor's center or the fee collection booth. The Grand Canyon does not get covered with a big tarp or filled in with dirt just because  Our Great Leader, Barack the Petulant (Peace be Upon Him) said the Government is closed.

These parks could ALL be open now- the US House passed a bill to fund the National Park System- but the Democrats in the Senate have said no as has the President.

Many of the States offered to fund their Parks as soon as the shutdown began- however, His Royal Petulantcy said no.   Finally, the Regime has told the states that the Parks may open, if the State foots the bill - instead just approving the Park Service funding bill and opening all the parks in every state and territory.

Last evening on the news we saw Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona hand over a check (ransom payment) to the National Parks to allow Arizona to re-open Grand Canyon.

Maybe now that the Parks are starting to open, we will stop seeing the Parks being used as Political Weapons.

After all, these parks don't belong to the politicians, and they are not even "property" of the United States. They belong to US...

They belong to We the People