Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse from Overland Park, KS

Total Lunar Eclipse Photos from North 38° 58' 25.57" West 94° 40' 40.40"

Beginning of Lunar Eclipse
February 20, 2008 20:21 CST with Canon EOS 10D f/13 with 1/20 second exposure, ISO-200. Focal Length 300mm.

Partial Lunar Eclipse -2
February 20, 2008 20:43 CST with Canon EOS 10D f/9.5 with 1 second exposure, ISO-200. Focal Length 300mm.
Full Lunar Eclipse
February 20, 2008 21:00 CST with Canon EOS 10D f/9.5 with 3 second exposure, ISO-200. Focal Length 300mm.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Nessie" Dead- Killed by ManBearPig

It is with great regret that we announce what may be the most tragic death ever. The Mythical "Nessie"- the famed Loch Ness Monster, may have been killed by the equally mythical ManBearPig (Global Warming).

The lead invesitgator into the Loch Ness Monster, Robert Rines is giving up his search for Nessie after reported hundreds of sonar contacts over 37 years. He says lately the trail has gone cold. According to reports "Rines believes that Nessie may be dead, a victim of global warming."
He will return this year to look at several sonar "blips" on the bottom of Loch Ness which he thinks may be the remains of Nessie.

I am sure that both the Clinton and Obama camps will be releasing statements. They are I am sure distraught about Nessie's death, and are working on statements that express thier sorrow and at the same time blame George W. Bush and the GOP.

I will be checking the wires and other sources I have for anymore news from Imagination Land on tragic deaths. There is of course concern about the on going health of the Abominable Snowman or Yeti, after this tragic attack on Nessie by ManBearPig. Other concerns are about Santa Claus and his status on the North Pole.

The picture on the top left depicts Algore with a picture of ManBearPig.

"'I'm Cereal about this!!!"
H/T- Ace


Monday, February 11, 2008

Amicus Briefs for Heller Filed

Amicus Briefs in favor of Heller were due today. These inluded a filing from 31 of the 50 States under the name Texas and other States. Briefs can be downloaded here or be clicking an individual brief. The list includes:

Acadmecis for the Second Amendment
Alaska Outdoor Council
American Center for Law and Justice
American Legislative Exchange Council
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
Buckeye Firearms Foundation, et al.
Cato Institute and Professor Joyce Lee Malcolm
Center for Individual Freedom
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Disabled Veterans for Self-Defense
Former Justice Department officials
Foundation for Free Expression
Foundation for Moral Law
Goldwater Institute
Grass Roots of South Carolina
Gun Owners of America
Heartland Institute
Institute for Justice
International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association
International Scholars
Jeanette Moll
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Joseph B. Scarnati, III, President Pro Tempore of the Pennsylvania Senate
Libertarian National Committee
Liberty Legal Institute
Major General John D. Altenburg, et al.
Members of Congress and Vice-President Cheney
Mountain States Legal Foundation
National Rifle Association
National Shooting Sports Foundation
Paragon Foundation
Pink Pistols
Retired military officers
Rutherford Institute
Second Amendment Foundation
Southeastern Legal Foundation
State Firearms Associations
Texas and other states
Women state legislators and academics

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Huckabee wins Kansas

Gov. Huckabee has won 36 of the 38 delegates in the Kansas GOP Caucuses this morning. Senator McCain has won 2 delegates.

According to estimates, Senator McCain has 714 delegates and Gov. Huckabee has 217. Interestingly, Gov. Romney STILL has more delegates than Gov. Huckabee at 286.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Case of a Generation

On March 18, 2008 the Supreme Court will hear the Case of a Generation- District of Columbia v. Heller. But few people know that this case is not only about owning a firearm. This case is apparently about Women's Rights, Epidemics, Gay and Lesbian Rights, the strength of our Military, and a Vice President defying the President's Administration and the Justice Department, and yet, the ACLU is not involved.

This session, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will decide perhaps the most important and culturally divisive case in a generation. Not since Roe, has the Court ruled on a matter that will galvanize one side or both sides of the political aisle. The case in question will define our civil rights. The case in question will determine the ultimate meaning of part of the Bill of Rights. The case will center on what the Founders and Framers really meant in 1789. The case in question is District of Columbia v. Heller (07-270).

District of Columbia v. Heller-For those not familiar with the case, DC v. Heller poses the question of what the Founders meant in 1789 when they wrote the Second Amendment. The question before the Supreme Court is:

"Whether the following provisions – D.C. Code §§ 7-2502.02(a)(4), 22-4504(a), and 7-2507.02 – violate the Second Amendment right of individuals who are not affiliated with any state-regulated militia, but who wish to keep handguns and other firearms for private use in their homes?"

In other words, "Does the Second Amendment mean that the PEOPLE have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, or do ONLY those in a Militia have the Right to Keep And Bear Arms."

The Second Amendment says, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The question has come to the Court because of a suit brought by Mr. Dick Heller of Washington, D.C. Mr. Heller wished to purchase a handgun for personal use to keep in his home. He applied to the District of Columbia to purchase and register the handgun. Mr. Heller has no criminal background and the question of whether Mr. Heller is a law abiding citizen is not before the court. The District of Columbia denied Mr. Heller's request for a permit stating in effect that he was not a law enforcement officer or member of the military and therefore he was not, under D.C. law, allowed to own a handgun.

Mr. Heller, filed suit arguing that his Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear arms was being violated. The District of Columbia argued that the Second Amendment ONLY applies to members of "a well regulated Militia." The DC Circuit Court ruled in a 2-1 decision that Mr. Heller has the INDIVIDUAL Right to Keep and Bear arms and that the DC Code, is unconstitutional.

The District of Columbia has appealed to the Supreme Court, which decided, late last year (2007) to hear the case.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, a search of the ACLU website provides no references, notations or responses of any kind related to the case. Thus far the ACLU, who says that their purpose is to defend the Constitution, has been silent on the issue.

Briefs for DC-
January 11, 2008, "Friend of the Court" briefs (Amicus Briefs) were filed with SCOTUS on behalf of the District of Columbia. These "Friends" include American Academy of Pediatrics, American Bar Association, American Public Health Association, et al., Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, et al., City of Chicago, Coalition of civil rights groups, D.C. Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, et al., District Attorneys, Former Department of Justice Officials, Historians, Major U.S. cities and the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Members of Congress, NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, National Network to End Domestic Violence, et al., New York and other states, Professors Erwin Chemerinsky and Adam Winkler, Professors of criminal justice, Professors of linguistics, Violence Policy Center and various police chiefs. (Full PDF of Brief linked to each organization or group name).

These briefs, on behalf of the District, all basically say, the Second Amendment does not apply to "the People" but that the Second Amendment, UNLIKE the other first eight amendments, is an outlier. While Amendments One, and Three through Eight refer to individual protections from "the State," and Nine and Ten address state and federal powers, the Second, is an aberration, in that it gives power to the State.

Further, these briefs argue that the Constitution was derived from English and European common law, and now Europe bans guns, so European and English common law must have meant for us to do the same.

The Government of the United States filed a brief (linked here) on January 11, 2008. The US Government (Justice Department and Executive Branch) is asking the court to return the case to the lower court and not to rule on the legality of the DC law but at the same time rule that the Second Amendment protects individual rights. This sounds like governmental double-talk in an election cycle.

Briefs for Heller-
Friday, February 9, 2008, several Amicus Briefs were filed with SCOTUS on behalf of Heller. These groups filed briefs Friday: American Legislative Exchange Council, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Buckeye Firearms Foundation, et al., Criminologists, Disabled Veterans for Self-Defense, Foundation for Free Expression,, Grass Roots of South Carolina, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Libertarian National Committee, Major General John D. Altenburg, et al., National Rifle Association, Paragon Foundation, Pink Pistols, Rutherford Institute, Second Amendment Foundation,, Women state legislators and academics, and a majority of the members of the Senate and of the House. (Full PDF of Brief linked to each organization or group name).

The briefs for Heller are very interesting to read and are in some ways, quite remarkable.

The brief from Women State Legislators and Academics argues that owning a firearm is a "Woman's Rights Issue." Women are smaller then men, and not able to defend themselves as well, they say. Therefore, if the DC Law is upheld, and no one can have a gun, there is an unfair advantage to men, and that would violate women's rights. (I am paraphrasing the argument of course).

Major General Altenburg, et al. argues that if the PEOPLE do not have the right to bear arms, it will be more difficult for the military to function. They are that kids being able to shot and learn to shot makes basic training easier. The strength of our military relies on people learning to shoot as kids.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons argues point by point with the counter brief from the American Academy of Pediatricians. The Pediatricians say gun violence is a medical epidemic, the AAPS says the DC Gun Ban has NOT stopped gun violence in DC but has made it worse.

Two of the briefs stand out from the rest- one just because it is, in my mind, rather unusual and the other because it may be groundbreaking.

Pink Pistols-
First is the brief from "Pink Pistols." On seeing the name on the list of Amicus Briefs, I immediately assumed that Pink Pistols was a women's shooting organization. I was wrong.

"Pink Pistols" is a Shooting Organization for People who are Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual. To them, DC v. Heller is a case about "Gay Rights." The argument, which actually has some merit, is that if the Court rules that only the Militia can have guns, then Gays would be banned from having guns because Gays are not welcome in the Military. This is an interesting point because they extend the exclusion to cover all groups who are not eligible to serve in the military, including those with asthma, those with flat feet, the disabled, those over military age, etc. In other words, a person that is over 65 would not be able to have a gun, because they are not eligible to be in "the militia" as would a person that is "Class 4F'" (medically unable to serve).

The Majority of Congress-
The other brief that was remarkable came from 55 US Senators, 250 US Representatives and "The President of the Senate." One of the remarkable things in this brief was that it was signed by "The President of the Senate," Vice President Cheney and this brief goes against the view of the Executive Branch of the government. SCOTUSBLOG.Com states "[i]t is rare, if not unprecedented, for the Vice President to take a position directly contrary to the stance taken by the Justice Department."

This brief was bipartisan. Members of both parties signed on, even though the majority of signers are Republican. However, to reach a majority of a Congress controlled by the Democrats, you must have Democrat support.

The brief details a history of legislation from the Congress, and that the Congress has maintained through various statements and legislation that the Right to Keep and Bear arms is a Right of the People and not a Power of the State. The Congress states, this is what we, the Congress meant when the amendment was written; the right is a personal right not the right of a militia.

The brief urges the Court to reject DC's arguments and uphold the lower courts ruling that the Law banning handgun ownership is unconstitutional categorically.

Remember in November-
The decision of the Supreme Court in this case will be a landmark in the political landscape. This case will be the "Roe v Wade" of the twenty-first century. If the Court rules for DC, the "Right" will be "up at arms," so to speak. There will be cries for new Justices and a new litmus test for candidates as well as for the Supreme Court.

Should the Supreme Court side with Heller, the "Left" will be equally frustrated, and cries will go out for new Justices and a new Litmus test.

Most importantly though is the stance of the Congress. Although 250 members of the House and 55 members of the Senate are in favor of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, 45 Senators and 185 Representatives DO NOT BELIEVE that the Second Amendment gives the PEOPLE the right to Keep and Bear Arms.

45 Senators and 185 Representatives refused to sign the brief in favor of the PEOPLES rights. One of those "Representatives" is from my district- Dennis Moore (D-KS3). I have decided that my time, my effort and my money will go to fight for his defeat. I will remember in November.

It is incumbent upon every person, who believes that Government exists by the "consent of the Governed," who believes that our rights- including that right of Self Defense- are given by God, who believes that the Founders meant, the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, to call for the defeat and removal from office, those who seek to repeal our rights.

It is incumbent upon those who believe in our Constitution to work to defeat of those who would deny us our Constitutional Rights.

Download a copy of the Majority Brief. Make sure your Senator or Congressman is on the list of signers.

If they are not on the list, if they did not sign to protect your Rights-

Remember in November.

Update: Lt. Col. North provides his comentary on Heller.

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Moore Does NOT Support Gun Owners (Boyda Does)

Today it became apparent that "Representative" Dennis Moore (D-KS3) does NOT support the right of individuals to keep and bear arms- despite what he may have said in the past.

"BRIEF FOR AMICI CURIAE 55 MEMBERS OF UNITED STATES SENATE, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES SENATE, AND 250 MEMBERS OF UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES IN SUPPORT OF RESPONDENT" was filed today with the United States Supreme Court in the case, "District of Columbia v. Heller (07-290)." Missing from the signatories was "Representative" Dennis Moore of the Kansas Third District. Amazingly, Representative Nancy Boyda DID sign the brief, as did every other Senator and Congressman from Kansas.

The brief asks the Supreme Court to allow the ruling of the Court of Appeals in DC v. Heller, which overturned a DC Gun ban and stated that the Constitution protects INDIVIDUAL rights, to stand and that there be no further action on the case. This was a BI-PARTISAN Brief... To reach 55 Senators and 250 Members of the House, both parties were involved.

"Representative" Moore was called by his constituents asking him to sign on to the Brief. I was one of the constituents. We were ignored.

Of course, there is the possibility that "Representative" Moore did not know about this brief and therefore thought our calls, asking him to sign a "brief," were about autographing underwear. After all, he has done so little in the House, that there are many in our District that actually wonder if he attends sessions, or sometimes if he is even still breathing.

No, I am sure he DID know about this one. "Representative" Moore is just simply an Anti-Gun, Pro-Big Government, Pro-Choice, Tax and Spend Liberal who doesn't really care about REPRESENTING his district.

So, "Representative" Moore, your true colors show through.

WE WILL REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER, that you want to take our Second Amendment Rights Away.

WE WILL REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER, that you do not believe in the Rights of the People.


WE WILL REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER, that you are just a Typical Democrat that believes that our Rights come from the Government.

WE WILL REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER, that you did NOT sign this Brief.

Click Here for More from The Carden Chronicles on DC v. Heller.

Aviation and Politics

FlightAware has an interesting forum- Presidential candidate flights. The forum posts what aircraft and flight numbers each of the Presidential candidates is using. You can find the forum here.

Huckabee Event Wichita

I am listening to the Huckabee event in Wichita. Media is reporting about a thousand people there.

11:28- Speaking about a right to life amendment to constitution.

11:30- "you have heard of Governors from Hope Arkansas running for President. Give us one more chance"

11:32- "I am not a Wall-Street Republican. I am a Wal-Mart Republican"

11:32- He is hitting the class envy card pretty hard. "Summer was not a verb in my family" saying he never 'summer'd' in what ever town....

11:35- Hitting the "Washington Insider" crowd.

11:37- Talking about how he became Gov. because prior governor was convicted of "WhiteWater" related crimes

11:38- I should be nominee because I have beat the Clinton Machine 4 times...

11:41- Now we are on to the fair tax....

11:45- Now talking about the Military-- quote Cap Wienberger- "don't let politicians interfere"

11:49- "we need leadership that knows that the horizontal not veritcal"

11:50- Now taking about record. "Boy would I like to put my record up against Hillaries when" Bill was Governor.

11:51- "Let's put American's to work, using American concrete and American steel"

11:54- "We will seal the border within 18 months of me taking office"

11:55- Says if you break in through the back door- talking about immigration- I have a concealed carry

11:56- "If you are not going to caucus for me, the caucus has been moved to two weeks from tomorrow"

11:57- "Help me prove there are still Giant Killers in the land"- using his one smooth stone analogy.

12:00- Ends with the story of his dad taking him to see the Gov. of Arkansas... little did my dad know...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shaq and Sheriff Joe to Hunt Illegal Aliens

Sheriff Joe Arapio has plans for Shaquille O'Neal now that he is moving to Phoenix- Going after illegal aliens. From KTAR:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is excited that Shaq's coming to town.

Arpaio deputized Shaquille O'Neal, who became a Phoenix Sun on Wednesday, two years ago.

``Actually, I made him a colonel after he won the NBA championship (with the Miami Heat in 2006)," Arpaio said after learning of the trade.

``He's a great addition to the Valley. He's a good guy and likes law enforcement, and I hope he'll be good for the Phoenix Suns." The sheriff added, ``I'm glad he's coming out to my turf. I'm hoping we'll recruit him for our posse. Maybe we'll go after illegal immigrants and other crime."
Arpaio has one concern.

``The only problem I have is he keeps saying he wants to run for sheriff in Florida or California. I hope he doesn't get any ideas here in Phoenix. However, I'd beat him anyway."

Arpaio said he'll have a uniform made for Shaq if he'll join the posse. It will be a big one. O'Neal stands 7-feet-1, weighs 325 pounds and wears a size 23 shoe.


None of the Above

From our Friends at Stop the ACLU!

This is definately a good bit of election humor... I am sure a lot of us feel this way!


New Site URL

I have added a new URL for this site. You can now reach The Carden Chronicles at

You can now email me at Editor at CardenChronicles dot Com and news tips can go to News at CardenChronicles dot Com.

The original URL of will continue to work indefinately.

Sen. McCain's Speech to CPAC

I had the opportunity to watch Senator McCain's speech at CPAC. (The Captain's Quarters has a great live reaction to the speech). It was a fairly good speech, although I am not at all ready to hold hands with Senator McCain and sing "Kum By Ya."

The Senator did do an ok job of addressing some of his apostacies, but, the Senator has a long way to go to convince me that he is a conservative that deserves my vote.

Senator McCain's speech I felt paled in comparison to Governor Romney's. Gov. Romney will be remembered as the man who stood aside for the good of the Nation and the good of the Party.

Here is the text of Senator McCain's speech.

With that said:

I am a Conservative. I am also a Republican. This blog has, supported Senator Thompson, as he was the most Conservative Candidate. I have also supported Governor Romney, when Senator Thompson suspended his campaign.

I have been critical of Senator McCain. I will continue to be critical of the Senator when the need arises.

I am not at this time providing a endorsement of Senator McCain. However, I will do everything in my power to fight to stop Clinton or Obama.

Gov. Romney's Speech to CPAC

I want to begin by saying thank you. It’s great to be with you again.And I look forward to joining with you many more times in the future.
Last year, CPAC gave me the sendoff I needed. I was in single digits in the polls and I was facing household Republican names. As of today, more than 4 million people have given me their vote for president, less than Senator McCain’s 4.7 million, but quite a statement nonetheless. 11 states have given me their nod, compared to his 13.Of course, because size does matter, he’s doing quite a bit better with his number of delegates.
To all of you, thank you for caring enough about the future of America to show up, stand up and speak up for conservative principles.
As I said to you last year, conservative principles are needed now more than ever. We face a new generation of challenges, challenges which threaten our prosperity, our security and our future. I am convinced that unless America changes course, we will become the France of the 21st century—still a great nation, but no longer the leader of the world, no longer the superpower. And to me, that is unthinkable. Simon Peres, in a visit to Boston, was asked what he thought about the war in Iraq. “First,” he said, “I must put something in context. America is unique in the history of the world. In the history of the world, whenever there has been conflict, the nation that wins takes land from the nation that loses. One nation in history, and this during the last century, laid down hundreds of thousands of lives and took no land. No land from Germany, no land from Japan, no land from Korea. America is unique in the sacrifice it has made for liberty, for itself and for freedom loving people around the world.” The best ally peace has ever known, and will ever know, is a strong America!
And that is why we must rise to the occasion, as we have always done before, to confront the challenges ahead. Perhaps the most fundamental of these is the attack on the American culture.
Over the years, my business has taken me to many countries. I have been struck by the enormous differences in the wealth and well-being of people of different nations. I have read a number of scholarly explanations for the disparities. I found the most convincing was that written by David Landes, a professor emeritus from Harvard University.I presume he’s a liberal–I guess that’s redundant. His work traces the coming and going of great civilizations throughout history. After hundreds of pages of analysis, he concludes with this:
If we learn anything from the history of economic development, it is that culture makes all the difference. Culture makes all the difference.
What is it about American culture that has led us to become the most powerful nation in the history of the world? We believe in hard work and education. We love opportunity: almost all of us are immigrants or descendants of immigrants who came here for opportunity—opportunity is in our DNA. Americans love God, and those who don’t have faith, typically believe in something greater than themselves—a “Purpose Driven Life.” And we sacrifice everything we have, even our lives, for our families, our freedoms and our country. The values and beliefs of the free American people are the source of our nation’s strength and they always will be!
The threat to our culture comes from within. The 1960’s welfare programs created a culture of poverty. Some think we won that battle when we reformed welfare, but the liberals haven’t given up. At every turn, they try to substitute government largesse for individual responsibility. They fight to strip work requirements from welfare, to put more people on Medicaid, and to remove more and more people from having to pay any income tax whatsoever. Dependency is death to initiative, risk-taking and opportunity. Dependency is a culture-killing drug—we have got to fight it like the poison it is!
The attack on faith and religion is no less relentless. And tolerance for pornography—even celebration of it—and sexual promiscuity, combined with the twisted incentives of government welfare programs have led to today’s grim realities: 68% of African American children are born out-of-wedlock, 45% of Hispanic children, and 25% of White children. How much harder it is for these children to succeed in school—and in life. A nation built on the principles of the founding fathers cannot long stand when its children are raised without fathers in the home.
The development of a child is enhanced by having a mother and father.Such a family is the ideal for the future of the child and for the strength of a nation. I wonder how it is that unelected judges, like some in my state of Massachusetts, are so unaware of this reality, so oblivious to the millennia of recorded history. It is time for the people of America to fortify marriage through constitutional amendment, so that liberal judges cannot continue to attack it!
Europe is facing a demographic disaster. That is the inevitable product of weakened faith in the Creator, failed families, disrespect for the sanctity of human life and eroded morality. Some reason that culture is merely an accessory to America’s vitality; we know that it is the source of our strength. And we are not dissuaded by the snickers and knowing glances when we stand up for family values, and morality, and culture. We will always be honored to stand on principle and to stand for principle.
The attack on our culture is not our sole challenge. We face economic competition unlike anything we have ever known before. China and Asia are emerging from centuries of poverty. Their people are plentiful, innovative, and ambitious. If we do not change course, Asia or China will pass us by as the economic superpower, just as we passed England and France during the last century. The prosperity and security of our children and grandchildren depend on us.
Our prosperity and security also depend on finally acting to become energy secure. Oil producing states like Russia and Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Iran are siphoning over $400 billion per year from our economy—that’s almost what we spend annually for defense. It is past time for us to invest in energy technology, nuclear power, clean coal,liquid coal, renewable sources and energy efficiency. America mustnever be held hostage by the likes of Putin, Chavez, and Ahmendinejad.
And our economy is also burdened by the inexorable ramping of government spending. Don’t focus on the pork alone—even though it is indeed irritating and shameful. Look at the entitlements. `They make up 60% of federal spending today. By the end of the next President’s second term, they will total 70%. Any conservative plan for the future has to include entitlement reform that solves the problem, not just acknowledges it.
Most politicians don’t seem to understand the connection between our ability to compete and our national wealth, and the wealth of our families. They act as if money just happens–that it’s just there. But every dollar represents a good or service produced in the private sector. Depress the private sector and you depress the well-being of Americans.
That’s exactly what happens with high taxes, over-regulation, tort windfalls, mandates, and overfed, over-spending government. Did you see that today, government workers make more money than people who work in the private sector. Can you imagine what happens to an economy where the best opportunities are for bureaucrats?
It’s high time to lower taxes, including corporate taxes, to take a weed-whacker to government regulations, to reform entitlements, and to stand up to the increasingly voracious appetite of the unions in our government!
And finally, let’s consider the greatest challenge facing America—and facing the entire civilized world: the threat of violent, radical Jihad. In one wing of the world of Islam, there is a conviction that all governments should be destroyed and replaced by a religious caliphate. These Jihadists will battle any form of democracy—to them, democracy is blasphemous for it says that citizens, not God shape the law. They find the idea of human equality to be offensive. They hate everything we believe about freedom just as we hate everything they believe about radical Jihad.
To battle this threat, we have sent the most courageous and brave soldiers in the world. But their numbers have been depleted by the Clinton years when troops were reduced by 500,000, when 80 ships were retired from the Navy, and when our human intelligence was slashed by 25%. We were told that we were getting a peace dividend. We got the dividend, but we didn’t get the peace. In the face of evil in radical Jihad and given the inevitable military ambitions of China, we must act to rebuild our military might. Raise military spending to 4% of our GDP, purchase the most modern armament, re-shape our fighting forces for the asymmetric demands we now face, and give the veterans the care they deserve!
Soon, the face of liberalism in America will have a new name. Whether it is Barack or Hillary, the result would be the same if they were to win the Presidency. The opponents of American culture would push the throttle, devising new justifications for judges to depart from the constitution. Economic neophytes would layer heavier and heavier burdens on employers and families, slowing our economy and opening the way for foreign competition to further erode our lead.
Even though we face an uphill fight, I know that many in this room are fully behind my campaign.” You are with me all the way to the convention. Fight on, just like Ronald Reagan did in 1976. But there is an important difference from 1976: today… we are a nation at war.
And Barack and Hillary have made their intentions clear regarding Iraq and the war on terror. They would retreat and declare defeat. And the consequence of that would be devastating. It would mean attacks on America, launched from safe havens that make Afghanistan under the Taliban look like child’s play. About this, I have no doubt.
I disagree with Senator McCain on a number of issues, as you know. But I agree with him on doing whatever it takes to be successful in Iraq, on finding and executing Osama bin Laden, and on eliminating Al Qaeda and terror. If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror.
This is not an easy decision for me. I hate to lose. My family, my friends and our supporters… many of you right here in this room…have given a great deal to get me where I have a shot at becoming President. If this were only about me, I would go on. But I entered this race because I love America, and because I love America, I feel I must now stand aside, for our party and for our country.
I will continue to stand for conservative principles; I will fight alongside you for all the things we believe in. And one of those things is that we cannot allow the next President of the United States to retreat in the face evil extremism!!
It is the common task of each generation—and the burden of liberty—to preserve this country, expand its freedoms and renew its spirit so that its noble past is prologue to its glorious future.
To this task… accepting this burden… we are all dedicated, and I firmly believe, by the providence of the Almighty, that we will succeed beyond our fondest hope. America must remain, as it has always been, the hope of the earth.
Thank you, and God bless America.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

WW I Veteran Dies

Harry Richard Landis, aged 108, died Monday. He was one of two living US World War One Veterans. From the AP:
TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Harry Richard Landis, who enlisted in the Army in 1918 and was one of only two known surviving U.S. veterans of World War I, has died. He was 108.

Landis, who lived at a Sun City Center nursing home, died Monday, according to the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs.

The remaining U.S. veteran is Frank Buckles, 107, of Charles Town, W.Va., according the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. In addition, John Babcock of Spokane, Wash., 107, served in the Canadian army and is the last known Canadian veteran of the war.

Another World War I vet, Ohioan J. Russell Coffey, died in December at 109. The last known German World War I veteran, Erich Kaestner, died New Year's Day at 107.

Landis trained as a U.S. Army recruit for 60 days at the end of the war and never went overseas. But the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs counts him among the 4.7 million men and woman who served during the Great War.

In an interview with The Associated Press last April in his Sun City Center apartment, Landis recalled that his time in the Student Army Training Corps involved a lot of marching.

"I don't remember too much about it," said Landis, who enlisted while in college in Fayette, Mo., at age 18. "We went to school in the afternoon and drilled in the morning."

They often drilled in their street clothes.

"We got our uniforms a bit at a time. Got the whole uniform just before the war ended," Landis said. "Fortunately, we got our great coats first. It was very cold out there.


In Tribute to Ronald Reagan's Birthday


We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Conservatives

Super Tuesday was not the greatest day for the true Conservatives.

So this morning, I was sitting in my office, thinking of Ronald Reagan's Birthday, listening to music, and trying to concentrate on work, when my media player began playing "St. Crispin's Day/The Battle of Agincort" from the Kenneth Branaugh version of William Shakespeare's "Henry V."

For those not familiar with the piece, it is played by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and was composed by Patrick Doyle. In the movie, King Henry gives his famous "Band of Brother's/St. Crispin's Day Speech" while this music is playing. Each time I watch it I am moved.

This morning I began to think, "What if Shakespeare were still alive? What might he write about last night?" Maybe it would go something like this:

Main Stream Media-

O that their movement was made of
But one ten thousand of those moderates
Who voted for John McCain!

True Conservatives-

What's he that wishes so?
The Main Stream Media? No, fair Media;
If we are mark'd to loose , we are enough
To do our Party loss; and if to win,
The truer the Conservative, the greater share of honour.
God's will! I pray thee, wish not one Moderate more.
Rather proclaim it, Media, through our nation,
That he which hath no stomach to Conservatism,
Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
And crowns for convoy put into his purse;
We would not stand in that man's company
That fears his fellowship to stand for truth with us.
This day is call'd the Birthday of Ronald Reagan.
He that outlives this day, and remains Conservative,
Will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam'd,
And rouse him at the name of Reagan.
He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
And say 'To-morrow is Reagan's Day.'
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
And say 'I stood for Conservatism on Reagan's day.'
Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he'll remember, with advantages,
What feats he did that day. Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words-
Romney and Thompson, Limbaugh and Hannity,
Levin and Malkin, Coulter and Novak-
Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb'red.
This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Reagan's Day shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of Conservatives;
For he to-day that stands for Conservatism with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And Moderates across this nation now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not with us,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That stands with us, upon Ronald Reagan's day.

We should not give up or give in. The fight for Conservative Values is not over.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Latest Super Tuesday Results

I will be "attempting" to keep up with thoughts comments and opinions through the entire day. I will also be bringing comments from others who are blogging as things happen.

---Rush Limbaugh makes Primary Endorsement- Gov. Romney

13:30 CST- Huckabee wins W. Va with cooperation from the McCain Group. See my article below on the "back room dealings" that occurred with McCain ordering his people to back Huckabee.

This from the Romney Campaign:

"Unfortunately, this is what Senator McCain's inside Washington ways look like: he cut a backroom deal with the tax-and-spend candidate he thought could best stop Governor Romney's campaign of conservative change.

"Governor Romney had enough respect for the Republican voters of West Virginia to make an appeal to them about the future of the party based on issues. This is why he led on today's first ballot. Sadly, Senator McCain cut a Washington backroom deal in a way that once again underscores his legacy of working against Republicans who are interested in championing conservative policies and rebuilding the party."

15:00 CST- Personal note: the weather in the Kansas City area is not improving. We are between showers now, but we could be looking for 5+ inches of snow in the metro starting around the rush-hour with ice and sleet

18:00 CST- Only a little while to go until all hell breaks loose... this is going to be a long night. Ihave been reading some exits online, and they are early exits, but I am wondering if Arizona may be in the "too close to call" range for some time. Obama wins GA and too close to call on the GOP Side

19:00 CST- McCain gets IL and CT and NJ?, Romney gets MA. Fox is giving AL to Huckleberry; CNN has not called it.

19:26 CST- Michelle Malkin is saying watch Arizona... I agree... some leaked exits that Ace has are showing Arizona TIED!!!

19:30 CST- Arkansas goes for Huckleberry and Clinton ; Delaware for McCain;

19:51 CST- Here is where we are at based on CNN, Fox and MSNBC on the GOP Side-
Arkansas, Alabama- Huckleberry
New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, Connectitcut- McCain
Massachuttsets- Gov. Romney

I expect shortly the press starting to talk about Arizona shortly when Arizona closes.

20:00 CST- Clinton gets New York per Fox.... ARIZONA IS TOO CLOSE TO CALL!!!! (Happy Dance!!!) MSNBC gives CT to Obama. New Jersey goes to Clinto on the Democrat side...

20:18 CST- So Fox called NY for McCain, but is saying McCain is getting "pummelled" in Arizona!

20:28 CST- Obama gets Alabama

Just spent time looking at the County by County breakdown in Missouri.... I am almost willing to bet on Romney-- Despite what Carl Rove is saying... I am looking at the numbers and the lions share of the suburban counties on the western side of the state are not in and those that are in are trending Romney... This is the Metro counties I am refering to.

20:40 CST- Kansas Democrats go for Obama-- at least that is what Fox is saying.

21:00 CST- Romney and Obama get Utah, Obama gets North Dakota

HotAir has a lot of good comments tonight...

21:34 CST- North Dakota goes to Romney

21:41 CST- Arizona is called for McCain--- but I will be curious what the final numbers are. Georgia and Tennesse for Huckleberry

21:50 CST- I am looking at the Missouri Secretary of States web site and I am seeing few results for Kansas City and limited results for St. Louis. NO precincts reporting in Kansas City. Less than half in St. Louis county have reported and as I have watched Romney is closing the 2000 vote gap between him and McCain in that county. Romney is leading in the few results that are back in the counties around Kansas City... but again, there are only 10's of precints reporting with a couple hundred or more still out.

22:00 CST- California polls are closed

22:09 CST- Montana goes Romney--

Why is the Missouri Secretary of State Web Site behind the St. Louis Post site, in reporting numbers?

22:12 CST Ok... Now the Secretary of State site shows 2751 Precincts reporting of 3371 and Huckabee is up by 2500... Romney behind by 20,000

22:16 CST- Idaho goes to Obama

22:19 CST- Drudge is reporting that Romney gets Colorado. NBC says Romney gets Montana... Drudge is also calling Missouri for McCain, but I am not so sure...

22:30 CST- At this point in Missouri there is a 47 vote difference between Huckabee and McCain with McCain ahead

22:42 CST- John McCain is trying SO hard to suck up. Praising Arizona (where he has not won by a landslide), Praising Governor Huckabee, Praising Governor Romney... and of course he is now speaking of being a conservative...

22:53 CST- Fox is now calling Missouri for McCain. I am looking at the numbers and there is less than 0.5% between McCain and Huckabee, so I am sure there will be a re-count.

23:05 CST- Fox called Arizona for Hillary on the Democrat side. Obama has just finished speaking. All I can say at this point is that Obama MUST be stopped.

23:13 CST- Fox just called California- Clinton and McCain.

At this point, here is the night:



And this, for all practical purposes, ends Super Tuesday 2008. Kansas GOP Caucus' are Saturday.

Huckabee Wins W.Va- With McCain's Help

Maybe the theory that Huckabee and McCain have teamed up against Gov. Romney are true. In the West Virginia Convention, which apparently "the Huckleberry" has won, Gov. Romney won the first vote but not a majority. Then the McCain crowd jumped to Huckleberry in the second round UNDER INSTRUCTIONS to stop Gov. Romney.

So, Huckabee could not win without the McCain vote. Yes, this is politics, but it makes me distrust Huckabee and McCain that much more. From FoxNews:

But before Huckabee’s surprising turnaround at the convention, McCain delegates told FOX News they had been instructed by the campaign to throw their support to Huckabee.

McCain delegate John Vuolo said former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer approached him and other McCain supporters at the convention and told them he had spoken to McCain, and that the best thing to do was to support Huckabee in the hope that Huckabee could beat Romney in this winner-take-all state.

That account could add fuel to Romney’s claim that Huckabee is only undercutting his support base on Super Tuesday, and that a vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain. That’s a claim Huckabee has fiercely denied.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Romney Landslide in Maine

Maine has spoken. According to the reports I have seen, it appears that GOV ROMNEY has won in a land slide and will take most of Maine's 18 delegates. At the time I am writing this, Gov. Romney is at 52% with McCain at 21% and Paul at 19% with 68% reporting. So much for the polls and the MSM coronation of McCain.

(Speaking of the MSM- Why is it that Romney has won more states than McCain, but according to the MSM, the race is over? On the Democrat side, Hillary has won TWICE the states that Obama has, but according to the MSM, that race is a dead heat?)

The most important thing to remember when listing to the MSM and the Polls that they love to talk about is that The OVERALL POPULAR VOTE DOES NOT MATTER IN MANY CASES!!!! On Super Tuesday, MOST of the states are NOT winner take all. Of the more than 20 states participating in GOP Primaries or Caucuses on Super Tuesday, only 8 are Winner Take All. Of those, one- Arizona- will probably go McCain, one- Utah- will probably go Romney, and one- Missouri- may go to the Huckleberry.

California is NOT winner take all. In California, three delegates are given to the winner of each congressional district, and 11 to the overall state winner. This means that it is VERY possible that although McCain might win the popular vote, Gov. Romney could walk away with the win.

I spent last night reading polls and looking at numbers and trying to figure out how the delegate count would come one. Finally I just gave up. The numbers are too fluid and in many cases have just been plain wrong.

There is also no way to take the McCain backlash into account. I am not the only one that sees this. Hugh Hewitt wrote Friday that he sees a turning underway. Ed Morrissey writes to day that he sees "Romney Rising" as well. Michelle Malkin today talked about the "dead heat."

Bottom line- This race will not be over until someone has 1191 delegates and even after Super Tuesday, we may still be a long way from that.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Romney's New Advisor on Illegal Immigration? Kris Kobach!!!

If anyone on the conservative side of the GOP is worried about Mitt Romney's illegal immigration views, they can sleep easier- at least with the advise that Gov. Romney is getting.

The Carden Chronicles learned last night that none other than Dr. Kris Kobach is now serving as an advisor to Gov. Romney on illegal immigration and border security!

For those that are not familiar with Professor Kobach, he is a noted Immigration expert, Professor Of Law And Head Of The Kansas Republican Party. In 1996, Professor Kobach joined the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law (UMKC) faculty. In 2001, he was awarded a White House Fellowship serving in the office of U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. There he would serve as the Attorney General's chief adviser on immigration law and border security. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Kobach was charged with the Department of Justice's (DOJ) efforts to tighten border security and implement the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System. Before leaving DOJ in 2003, he led the reform of the immigration court system. Professor Kobach has litigated a number of high-profile immigration lawsuits including representing the city of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. He is a Senior Counsel at the Immigration Reform Law Institute. At the Law School, he teaches Constitutional law and immigration law.

According to a statement from Romney for President:

Kobach will serve as an adviser to Governor Romney on border security and immigration reform issues.

"For years, Kris Kobach has distinguished himself in his work to ensure that our immigration system respects the rule of law and ends illegal immigration while protecting the legal immigration that has made our country great. He knows firsthand how important it is that we protect our country by securing our borders and rejecting amnesty proposals. I look forward to working with Kris as we tackle this critical challenge," said Governor Romney.

On a personal note, I am proud to be able to call Dr. Kobach a friend. I first met him in 2004 when he was running for the US House of Representatives and I served on his campaign staff setting up and running the technology end of his campaign. We have maintained a friendly relationship since that time. (In fact, I still need to get some elk steaks over to him from the elk I shot last fall). Kris is also an avid sportsman and a true believer that the second amendment is meant to protect the rights of the people.

There are few whose opinions I respect more. Kris Kobach is probably the best choice the Gov. Romney could have made to help secure America's borders.
Michelle Malkin lists all those that are behind McCain, including those that are basically "open-border." What a marked contrast!