Friday, February 8, 2008

Huckabee Event Wichita

I am listening to the Huckabee event in Wichita. Media is reporting about a thousand people there.

11:28- Speaking about a right to life amendment to constitution.

11:30- "you have heard of Governors from Hope Arkansas running for President. Give us one more chance"

11:32- "I am not a Wall-Street Republican. I am a Wal-Mart Republican"

11:32- He is hitting the class envy card pretty hard. "Summer was not a verb in my family" saying he never 'summer'd' in what ever town....

11:35- Hitting the "Washington Insider" crowd.

11:37- Talking about how he became Gov. because prior governor was convicted of "WhiteWater" related crimes

11:38- I should be nominee because I have beat the Clinton Machine 4 times...

11:41- Now we are on to the fair tax....

11:45- Now talking about the Military-- quote Cap Wienberger- "don't let politicians interfere"

11:49- "we need leadership that knows that the horizontal not veritcal"

11:50- Now taking about record. "Boy would I like to put my record up against Hillaries when" Bill was Governor.

11:51- "Let's put American's to work, using American concrete and American steel"

11:54- "We will seal the border within 18 months of me taking office"

11:55- Says if you break in through the back door- talking about immigration- I have a concealed carry

11:56- "If you are not going to caucus for me, the caucus has been moved to two weeks from tomorrow"

11:57- "Help me prove there are still Giant Killers in the land"- using his one smooth stone analogy.

12:00- Ends with the story of his dad taking him to see the Gov. of Arkansas... little did my dad know...


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