Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sen. McCain's Speech to CPAC

I had the opportunity to watch Senator McCain's speech at CPAC. (The Captain's Quarters has a great live reaction to the speech). It was a fairly good speech, although I am not at all ready to hold hands with Senator McCain and sing "Kum By Ya."

The Senator did do an ok job of addressing some of his apostacies, but, the Senator has a long way to go to convince me that he is a conservative that deserves my vote.

Senator McCain's speech I felt paled in comparison to Governor Romney's. Gov. Romney will be remembered as the man who stood aside for the good of the Nation and the good of the Party.

Here is the text of Senator McCain's speech.

With that said:

I am a Conservative. I am also a Republican. This blog has, supported Senator Thompson, as he was the most Conservative Candidate. I have also supported Governor Romney, when Senator Thompson suspended his campaign.

I have been critical of Senator McCain. I will continue to be critical of the Senator when the need arises.

I am not at this time providing a endorsement of Senator McCain. However, I will do everything in my power to fight to stop Clinton or Obama.


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