Saturday, February 2, 2008

Romney Landslide in Maine

Maine has spoken. According to the reports I have seen, it appears that GOV ROMNEY has won in a land slide and will take most of Maine's 18 delegates. At the time I am writing this, Gov. Romney is at 52% with McCain at 21% and Paul at 19% with 68% reporting. So much for the polls and the MSM coronation of McCain.

(Speaking of the MSM- Why is it that Romney has won more states than McCain, but according to the MSM, the race is over? On the Democrat side, Hillary has won TWICE the states that Obama has, but according to the MSM, that race is a dead heat?)

The most important thing to remember when listing to the MSM and the Polls that they love to talk about is that The OVERALL POPULAR VOTE DOES NOT MATTER IN MANY CASES!!!! On Super Tuesday, MOST of the states are NOT winner take all. Of the more than 20 states participating in GOP Primaries or Caucuses on Super Tuesday, only 8 are Winner Take All. Of those, one- Arizona- will probably go McCain, one- Utah- will probably go Romney, and one- Missouri- may go to the Huckleberry.

California is NOT winner take all. In California, three delegates are given to the winner of each congressional district, and 11 to the overall state winner. This means that it is VERY possible that although McCain might win the popular vote, Gov. Romney could walk away with the win.

I spent last night reading polls and looking at numbers and trying to figure out how the delegate count would come one. Finally I just gave up. The numbers are too fluid and in many cases have just been plain wrong.

There is also no way to take the McCain backlash into account. I am not the only one that sees this. Hugh Hewitt wrote Friday that he sees a turning underway. Ed Morrissey writes to day that he sees "Romney Rising" as well. Michelle Malkin today talked about the "dead heat."

Bottom line- This race will not be over until someone has 1191 delegates and even after Super Tuesday, we may still be a long way from that.


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