Thursday, March 13, 2008

DC v. Heller- 5 Days To Go

It is now less than five days to go before oral arguments are heard in the case, District of Columbia v. Heller. Oral arguments before the Supreme Court will be heard on March 18, 2008 and I will provide a link to the audio and transcripts just as soon as they are available.

This morning Robert Novak wrote an interesting article about the case and some of the "Washington Insider" information that he always seems privy to.

Mr. Novak states that the President was fully aware, and gave his blessing, to the Vice President signing on to the Amicus Brief from the Congress in support of Heller, despite the fact that this brief is contrary to the "government" position. Mr. Novak also states that the Solicitor General will "amend" his brief during oral arguments on Tuesday. There is some speculation as to whether that will actually be the case.

There has been a lot of attention paid to this case, and this case is generating a variety of questions that probably never occurred to Mr. Heller or his counsel when they first filed.

As I have previously written, this is the case of a generation. There is certainly not another case on the Court's docket this session that is more significant and I do not believe there has been another case in the last several years that has the potential to fundamentally decide the meaning of the Bill of Rights.

The decision of the Supreme Court in this case will be a landmark in the political landscape. This case will be the "Roe v Wade" of the twenty-first century. If the Court rules for DC, the "Right" will be "up at arms," so to speak. There will be cries for new Justices and a new litmus test for candidates as well as for the Supreme Court.

Should the Supreme Court side with Heller, the "Left" will be equally frustrated, and cries will go out for new Justices and a new Litmus test.

This case will truly be the case of the decade.

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