Friday, March 7, 2008

Causus Belli? Shots Fired From Venezuela to Columbia?

It's all over-- Nothing to see-- Move along--- Peace has broken out-- See Updates Below--

This is just Breaking (14:26 CST):

Fox news is reporting that shots have been fired by Venezuela across the boarder into Columbia and that Venezuelan troops have crossed the border into Columbia and may have returned back to Venezuela.

Apparently Columbia TV is showing Video of the troops crossing the border.

UPDATE (15:19 CST):
There is now confirmation from Columbia that they have killed FARC leader Ivan Rios.

“We can confirm that Ivan Rios, a member of the FRAC’s secretariat, died in this
operation by the army and the CTI,” said a Colombia official.

This from Fox:

Local Colombian media showed live pictures from the border where a few
Venezuelan troops allegedly crossed into Colombia and fired shots.

UPDATE (16:20 CST):
The BBC is NOW reporting that everything is now fine in South America, and that the leaders of Columbia, Venezuela and Ecuador are all going to sit down and sing "Kum-By-Ya." (Ok, I made up the Kum-By-Ya part) I guess I can start my weekend in peace.

UPDATE (16:24 CST):
Now Nicaragua is getting into this Give Peace a Chance/Kum-By-Ya moment... They have re-established diplomatic ties with Columbia.


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