Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sen. McCain Locks GOP Nomination- Huckabee Drops Out

It appears that Senator McCain has now officially won the GOP nomination, while the fight for the DNC nomination may drag on for some time.

The question becomes, what will Senator McCain do next? According to the coverage that I am watching on FOX, Senator McCain only narrowly won the conservative vote in Texas, but there was an alternative to Senator McCain for conservatives to cast a vote for (Huckabee).

Senator McCain must now bring the GOP together.

My gut tells me that Senator McCain will likely make some minor moves to the "right," but that he will not make any grand overtures to the conservative wing of the GOP. My gut says that he will count on the fact that Republicans will prefer him to any Democrat. While this may be true, Senator McCain needs at least inspire the GOP base enough to show up on election day.

Maybe Senator McCain will be able to select a good VP candidate that will pacify the GOP base. The smart move would be for him to select someone that will appeal to the right side of the party, but not scare off independents.

Fortunately for the Republican Party, the primary season is over, while the Democrats keep slugging it out and fighting with each other for the nomination.


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