Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kuwait Analyst: Best if Israel Takes Out Iranian Nukes

It is called Realpolitik. It is defined as "politics based on practical and material factors rather than on theoretical or ethical objectives." In other words, "we may disagree, but there are practical matters to consider."

I have heard stories of Saudi or Kuwaiti intelligence services being trained by Mossad, some Arab countries privately expressing thanks and relief when Israel took out Iraq's reactors in 1981 and other incongruities in the complex relations of the Mideast. This appears to be another one.

A Kuwaiti Analyst and former government adviser said in an interview with Al-Siyassah that having Israel take out any Iranian nukes would not be a bad thing and that it would be much better for the region for Israel to take action than for the US to do it.
"Honestly speaking, they would be achieving something of great strategic value for the [Gulf Cooperation Council] by stopping Iran's tendency for hegemony over the area," he said, adding that "nipping it in the bud by Israeli hands would be less embarrassing for us than if the Americans did it"
GCC countries are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

There is no way that this comment was just made arbitrarily. This has got to be a back-door signal to the Israeli Government. I don't think that "freedom of the Press" rates as high in the Mideast as it does here.

So, sometime in the future, Israel may send F-15 I's to Iran. The mission will be secret until the moment it is carried out. There will be no leaks. The Israeli Air Force will be completely successful. Iran will protest. The UN will meet in emergency session. The Security Council will vote to condemn Israel- but stop at a condemnation. The US and Great Britain might abstain if they don’t veto.

But, quietly, the leaders of the world, and the leaders of Arab countries in the Middle East will call Israel, and say "Great job! Thanks…." And the world will breath a sigh of relief.

Maybe President Ronald Reagan's immediate reaction to the 1981 Israeli attack on Iraq said it all. When he was told of the attack, his said, "Well, Boys will be Boys!"


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