Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Russian Bomber Plays Chicken with USS Nimitz

F/A-18 Escorts Tu-95 Bear away from USS Nimitz

It seems that the Soviet Union Russia is trying to resurrect the days of the Cold War. For the second time in the last 30 days, Soviet Russian bombers have approached the USS Nimitz carrier group while it has been operating near Korea.

Today, a Soviet Russian bomber flew within 3 to 5 nautical miles and 2100 feet of the USS Nimitz. The carrier group "showed they cared" by sending up some F/A-18's- just in case the Soviet Russian bomber was lost, had old faulty navigation equipment or was just sight seeing, and helped the bomber find its way to different airspace.

Last month, two "Bears" approached the same carrier group. The Nimitz responded by sending up F/A-18's to escort them from away from the carrier. (Photo is a US Navy released photo of an F/A-18 escorting a Soviet Russian Bear that approached the Nimitz on February 9, 2008).

The Soviet Russian Government has said they want to regain the strength they had as the Soviet Union. The US Navy says it was neither worried or concerned (or in other words, "yeah, right, whatever! Why don't you get some REAL bombers instead of those 50 year old prop jobs! At least OUR 50 year old bombers have JET engines!").



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