Monday, March 3, 2008

Mohammad Munaf's Conviction Overturned in Iraq

The conviction and death sentence by hanging of Mohammad Munaf, a "dual" citizen of the US and Iraq has been overturned by the Courts in Iraq. According to SCOTUS Blog, who has a copy of the letter from Counsel to the US Supreme Court, Munaf's conviction was overturned due to technicalities and errors by the lower court and lack of establishing Munaf's exact role in the kidnapping for hire of three journalists. The Cassation Court who vacated the sentence has returned the case back to the Investigation Court to re-hear the matter.

Fortunately, this "person" remains in US Military detention in Iraq, although he has appealed that detention to the US Supreme Court.

The GOOD NEWS of all of this is that this is a sign that Iraq has changed and that Due Process of Law does work in a country that was formerly a totalitarian régime.

Now when he is re-tried, convicted and hung, there will not be any question that he did not have due process.


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