Thursday, November 29, 2007

What It Means to Be Called a Conservative

Rush Limbaugh spoke Thursday saying that the only true conservative in the GOP Campaign is Fred Thompson. As a Fred Thompson supporter I was ecstatic to hear this from Rush. However, there was a bigger message about Fred Thompson that Rush delivered that must be brought into the light and discussed for all to hear.

Rush not only stated Fred Thompson was the only conservative, but called the current "so-called" front runners moderates by name. This is important. Rush basically told the supporters of Gov. Huckabee, Mayor Giuliani, and Gov. Romney, you are supporting candidates that are not conservatives, you are supporting those with liberal tendencies and with liberal history.

Rush also indirectly pointed out that Senator Thompson is the only Reagan Conservative. After saying that only Fred Thompson did not display moderateness and liberalism (therefore Conservatism), Rush said, "I've told you during the course of this one campaign year that one of the things that's bothering me, is I'm a Reagan conservative, and I believe in conservatism."

President Reagan and Reagan Conservatism is the heart of the party. I believe I can fairly state that most members of the GOP believe that Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest leaders our party has ever had. We long for a leader who emulates this great man. We want that type of leadership that makes us proud to be an American.

We want a leader who speaks with an authority of conviction. We want a leader that we know will not flinch when confronting those nations and entities who bare ill will toward us. We want a leader whose very name causes our enemies to tremble. We want a leader that our friends respect and that our allies will trust and defend.

We want a leader who, when he takes the oath of office, will truly mean it when he swears that he will SUPPORT and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION. We want a leader who will appoint Conservative LIONS to the court rather than centrists that will easily win Senatorial confirmation. We want a leader that believes that those first Ten Amendments should be taken as a Holy Writ, and that realizes that these Rights are God Given Rights not given by Government.

We want a leader that believes in True Conservatism; a leader that believes in Empowering the individual. We want a leader that believes in Our Republic and who makes us want to stand and Shout for All to hear, "I am a member of the REPUBLICAN Party."

Rush is right. There is only conservatism and you either are or you are not.

Rush is right. There is only one conservative running, and that conservative is Fred Thompson.

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