Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sen. McCain Gets Something Right

Yes, I am from Arizona- and very proud of it. And yes, Sen. McCain is from Arizona as well…but I have serious issues with Sen. McCain and I will not support him in the primaries. However, it is nice to see him land some punches on Sen. Clinton. The good Senator is certainly right in his statement about Hillary. She does everything she can to follow the polls and try to be on everyone's side-at least for now. She will however show her true liberal colors if, God forbid, she gets elected.

RINDGE, N.H. — Making people mad is a good thing, presidential hopeful John McCain said Sunday in a speech aimed at playing up the Arizona senator's outsider reputation.

"I didn't seek public office to go along, to get along," McCain said, trying to remind voters of the "maverick" label that helped him defeat then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush in New Hampshire in 2000. "I went to Washington to get something done for the people who sent me there. And since then, I know I've made some people angry."

McCain said Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has done everything she can to land on the popular side of most issues.

"On the one hand, Senator Clinton says we can't abandon Iraq to Al Qaeda and the influence of Iran. On the other, she wants a firm deadline for withdrawal that would do just that," McCain said. "Senator Clinton rejected unconditional talks with Iran, but now says she would negotiate with no preconditions."



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