Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Report Shows Increasing Positive Opinion About Iraq

The Pew Research Center released a poll yesterday showing public opinion on Iraq is generally positive. Although this report will certainly be spun by some as being negative, the data, as published by Pew, shows that the public is now evenly split between those that think the War is going well, and those that think the War is going poorly.

Forty-Eight percent of those surveyed believe the military effort in Iraq is going either fairly well or well while forty-eight percent believe the military effort is going not too well or not well at all. Four percent of those surveyed did not know or did not answer.

More people also believe that the US will probably or definitely succeed with the mission in Iraq than believe that the US could fail (48% vs. 46%).

Fifty percent of those surveyed believe the military is making progress in training the Iraqi military while thirty-six percent believe we are loosing ground.

Fifty-One percent believe that the US is making progress in preventing terrorist from using Iraq as a base, while again, thirty-six percent believe the US is loosing ground.

When asked the open ended question, "What one word describes your impression of the situation in Iraq these days?" more people responded with Improved/Improving than any other single response.

The complete report with top line data in PDF can be downloaded here.


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