Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Global Warming, Irreversible Catastrophe, Dogs and Cats Living Together, Mass Hysteria

Today the United Nations declared the world is coming to an end due to man's existence on the planet. Apparently, those of us in the United States should not be using air conditioning or driving our cars because it will cause someone in Etheopia to starve.

The one question that this report does not address is where is the global warming in the US? According to information from NASA, the 1930's had four of the hottest ten years in the last century in the US with 1934 being the hotest. It is actually cooler now versus then.

BRASILIA (Reuters) - Unless the international community agrees to cut carbon emissions by half over the next generation, climate change is likely to cause large-scale human and economic setbacks and irreversible ecological catastrophes, a U.N. report said on Tuesday.

The U.N. Human Development Report issued one of the strongest warnings yet of the lasting impact of climate change on living standards and a strong call for urgent collective action.

"We could be on the verge of seeing human development reverse for the first time in 30 years," Kevin Watkins, lead author of the report, told Reuters.
When people in an American city turn on their air conditioning or people in Europe drive their cars, their actions have consequences ... linking them to rural communities in Bangladesh, farmers in Ethiopia and slum dwellers in Haiti," the report said.



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