Monday, November 26, 2007

Iranian F-4 Crashes into Persian Gulf

According to the Associated Press, an Iranian F-4 Phantom crashed into the Persian Gulf this morning, killing both crew members.

These are aircraft purchased from the US during the 1970's and due to the various embargo's against Iran, they have not been able to purchase spare parts from the US. However, the F-4 has been sold around the world and it is possible that parts could be purchased from other vendors.

There are a few questions though that cause me some concern.

First, why did Iran report this so quickly after it happened? They are not known for openness of the press. I have done a quick google search and only found a couple other references to Iranian military aircraft crashing.

Second, the Iranian military refers to the pilot and his back seat person as "martyrs." I find that wording to be interesting.

Third, this crash is in an area full of US ships, including a couple of Battle-Carrier Groups. But there has been nothing released from US Central Command. The US Navy MUST have seen the aircraft go down.

This is one of those events that makes me wonder if there is more to the story.


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