Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Saudi Arabia Arrests Over 200- Foils Attack

It is nice to hear that the Saudi's are possibly doing something. I wonder how many of the 200 were part of the 1500 that they released earlier this week.

Saudi holds over 200 militants, foils oil attack | International | Reuters: "RIYADH (Reuters) -
Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday it had arrested 208 people for involvement in several cells planning attacks on an oil installation as well as clerics and security forces. The state television said one of the cells was planning to smuggle missiles into the country, which has faced a campaign by al Qaeda sympathizers since 2003 against the U.S.-allied monarchy. A cell of eight militants led by a foreigners planned an attack on an oil facility in the Eastern Province, home to key oil installation in the world's largest oil exporting nation."



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