Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas List: Flight Simulator X: Acceleration

It's the time of year to start compiling a Christmas list. Generally, every year, when I asked what I want, I always say, "I don't know." This year I can definitely say Acceleration for Flight Sim X. This package looks awesome—especially head to head internet aircraft races… Of course, the new throttle quadrant from Saitek would be good too, but I don't wish to appear greedy.

Developed by ACES Studio, "Flight Simulator X: Acceleration" adds a wealth of new content and features, allowing gamers to race against each other in amazing, highly-detailed locations around the world. Aviators are able to test their skills and heroism in many new missions while enjoying three exciting new aircraft and the ability to share rewards, photos and videos with friends and the broader flight simulator community.



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