Saturday, September 13, 2008

Updated Information from Houston

UPDATE: I have not yet heard from Mark in Houston, but with the power down, it may be a while until I hear anything. John Little appears to have come out the storm ok, but has some damage to his home.

I received this from Mark in Houston:

I was just looking at the track and it looks like it is heading straight for my house! I still don’t think the winds will be any worse here so far inland, than it was for Rita three years ago. However, it does appear that the storm surge, like a tsunami, will inundate our low-lying coastal areas. Predicting a 20 foot surge for Galveston island, which would completely cover the island. Homeland security actually issued a warning to the people left on the island of “certain death” if they stayed. Pretty much says it all.

NASA is in the Friendswood / Clear Lake area here and is also in a low lying area and is threatened as well. Apparently, they have protected all of their buildings and will continue operation during the storm and don’t expect much damage from wind or water. It will be hitting late tonight and blow until midday tomorrow.

Connectivity permitting, I will update you then

Also- John Little is Live Blogging the Storm from Houston- His site is



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