Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama on O'Reilly - The Economy

Two interesting items, in my humble opinion, from tonight's "The Factor" interview with Sen. Barak Hussien Obama.

First, and probably the most interesting is that Sen. Obama VOLUNTEERED that there WAS economic growth during the Bush administration. As a person who on occassion listens to the Democrats, I thought the mantra was that NOTHING good happened under Satan's President Bush's administration.

Second, Sen. Obama promised to raise the top tax bracket ($250K) back to 39% and then used the arguement that "Teddy Roosevelt supported the progressive taxes." He compared the US to the ChiComms-- stating that the Olympics showed they have a great infrastructure and we have crumbling sewers. Interesting that he compared the US to a communist country AFTER O'Reilly stated that Obama's tax plan of wealth redistribution was socialist.

Tomorrow, O'Reilly and Sen Obama talk about Rev. Wright.


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