Thursday, September 11, 2008

Matt Damon on Gov Palin: Why Care What He Thinks?

Matt Damon from Team America World PoliceFor some reason, the MSM believes that it is important that we, the little people hear the opinions of "the Important People" from Hollywood.

Therefore, we have been blessed with the wisdom of Matt Damon. Damon apparently has been studying up for his insurance agent license, because he quotes actuarial tables and states that there is a good chance that Sen. McCain would die before the end of a term.

He also goes off on some bizarre tangent asking if Gov. Palin believes that dinosaurs walked the earth 4000 years ago. Where in the WORLD did that come from? Yes, I understand that there are some who believe in taking every word of the Bible quite literally, and they believe that the earth is only 6000 years old. But, that is 6000 years, not 4000. Get your facts straight Damon...

Frankly, I don't think that Gov Palin believes anything close to this. But, Damon IS an Actor (or so they tell me). So he MUST know what is best.

Of course, one should keep in mind the character, Janeane Garofalo's statements to the Film Actors Guild-- "As actors, it is our responsibility to read the newspapers and then say what we read on television like it's our own opinion." (Team America World Police).



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