Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama on O'Reilly - Energy

Again, this was another night of softball on O'Reilly, with regard to Energy policy this time.

We did find out that Sen. Obama has met with T. Boone Pickens. Ok, so I think that Mr. Picken's ideas are interesting, and I particularly like his latest statement- "Drill, drill, drill" AND have alternative sources for energy.

Alaska North SlopeWhere O'Reilly failed tonight, was he allowed Sen. Obama to get away with the "protect ANWR for future generations" and "that is a beautiful area" lines. The fact is that yes, technically the area of the North Slope where new oil has been discovered crosses into ANWR. HOWEVER the area where they are talking of drilling is fairly desolate (see picture). There is virtually nothing there.

The best part of the O'Reilly show was Dennis Miller's comments. In regard to Gov. Palin getting under Obama's skin Miller said:
"Sarah Palin doesn't exists if he [Obama] picks Hillary Clinton. He's let her in and now you can tell She is thunder around inside his head, he doesn't know whether to defecate or wind his watch at this point."
It took me a bit to stop laughing.


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