Thursday, September 4, 2008

Link Between Solar Activity and Weather Obscure?

UPDATE: I have received a communication from Mr. Fox, stating, in no uncertain terms, that his comments were taken out of context in the interview with The Bristol Press. Mr. Fox further states that I have exacerbated the situation. Therefore, in the interest of fairness and integrity, I have made some edits to my original post.

I have also sent an email to Mr. Fox asking him if he would like to clarify his quotes. I stated in my email to him that I will post his clarification and actual opinions here, should he wish to clarify. I am sure he is a busy person, and replying to me may not be on the top of his priority list, so please check back to this story for any reply from Mr. Fox.

Edited Post:

AlGore and ManBearPig I guess that things that are obvious to your "everyday, guy next-door," are not as obvious to people that are "in the know."

Geoff Fox, a meteorologist with WTNH-TV in Connecticut, is quoted in an interview with The Bristol Press, that "he is intrigued by a possible link between solar activity and weather." Then, Fox is quoted saying, "No one knows what one has to do with the other."

It appears that Mr. Fox has been misquoted or at least edited (in my opinion) to appear that he does not see a connection between solar activity and weather, which he was not saying. So, it would seem The Bristol Press has an agenda to push a certain point of view, and it would seem that their view is that ManBearPig Global Warming Climate Change is totally man made or at least that it has no connection to Solar Activity.

To those that question any linkage of solar activity to weather or climate I ask, "What if the Sun went out tomorrow? Would that affect the weather?" or "What if the Sun started burning hotter by millions of degrees? Would that affect weather?" Most kids in kindergarten would probably say yes to both questions! There must be at least some linkage of solar activity to weather and climate, or there would be no changes if these events happened.

Perphaps "they" do know there is a linkage, but are just afraid to admit it.

If "they" were to admit that solar activity has "something" to do with weather, then "they" might have to admit that ManBearPig Global Warming the Climate Change that AlGore and his zealots "warn" us about, may not be "man made" after all. "They" might not be able to collect millions in Carbon Credits. "They" might loose political influence.

To be understood-- I care about the environment. I am a conservationist and I am a Hunter. I believe that the two things go hand in hand. I believe in preserving nature and the planet for myself, my family and future generations. I also believe in alternative fuels and power-- not to "stop ManBearPig Global Warming" -- but to reduce costs and create energy independence for our nation.

Fortunately, not everyone is confused about if the Sun has anything to do with weather...

All my readers should check out the work of Anthony Watts. He is on my daily read list and is a meteorologist that I trust.

And if you have the time or are so inclined, read about the SurfaceStations.Org project, volunteer and/or donate if you can. It is definitely a worth while project and cause.



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