Saturday, February 20, 2010

On the 2nd Amendment, Bill O'Reilly is a Pinhead

Normally I am not one to jump all over another conservative, but Bill O'Reilly has crossed the line.

On Thursday the 18th, O'Reilly was conducting an interview when the subject of confiscation of firearms during a state of emergency (such as in Katarina) came up. When Bill was told that such confiscations were unconstitutional, Bill stated, “That’s a pretty extreme position.”

Extreme? A government official, such as the Police Chief of New Orleans, having the power to suspend the Constitution and seized people's legally owned firearms in CLEAR violation of the Second Amendment?

Extreme? A minor government official having the power to suspend the Constitution and deprive people of their GOD GIVEN RIGHT or NATURAL RIGHT of Self-Defense which is Constitutionally protected by the Ninth Amendment?

I am sorry Bill. You are the one with the "extreme" viewpoint. Our Constitutional protections are sacred and believing that our GOD GIVEN and NATURAL RIGHTS as well as our Constitutional Rights should be protected at ALL COSTS is NOT EXTREME.

A the belief that gross violations of the Second and Ninth Amendments are WRONG is NOT Extreme.

Sorry, Bill, YOU are the one with the extreme position here.

Maybe YOU should be named a Pinhead because you are certainly NOT a Patriot on this issue.



  1. Good article. I posted a youtube on O'Reilly's interview on my website. I have always been a loyal viewer of the O'Reilly Factor, but now I believe he is naive in some matters, including the Second Amendment.

    This will now hurt him in matters in which he is correct. He may be perceived as waffling.

  2. No offence, but where did you get the impression O'Reilly is, or ever was, a conservative? At the rate he has been turning left, he's passing center and heading for the lib camp. No conservative, he.

  3. CallMeChaz--

    Good Point-- I stand Corrected!!!

  4. I think we should turn our back on him and not watch his show the way he has turned his back on us.


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