Monday, February 15, 2010

Death Threats at Olympics!

No, it is not the PLO or Hamas or Al Qaeda. It is not death threats against the Israeli team (that would not be news- just par for the course unfortunately).

It is however Animal Rights Activists threatening US figure skater, Johnny Weir.

Weir has been receiving threats and has had to change his plans in Vancouver over concerns for his safety, because he wore a costume with REAL FUR at the US Nationals. He will be wearing a different costume at the Olympics...

Now apparently, he had planned to wear Faux Fur for the Olympics, however, this young man is standing by his principles and refusing to participate in the slaughter of innocent Faux's just for a costume!

I am always outraged every time I walk into a store and see the number of Faux Fur products. Do people have any idea how many cute and innocent Faux's are slaughtered every day to make these products just to satisfy peoples desire for Faux.

Unfortunately, my own father has reportedly participated in this outrage. From what I understand, as a teenager, his friend rebuilt a scooter and covered the seat with Nauga hide [sic]. When a girl asked about the seat cover, my dad's friend said that dad had killed or skinned the Naugas. (Maybe this was just said to impress the blonde girl). For those that do not know, Naugas are closely related to Faux's- their fur is not used, as in the case of Faux's- rather their hides are used to produce Naugahyde.

I applaud Johnny Weir for his refusal to switch to Faux Fur. "It was not because I was pressured to change it, but because I don't like faux fur," Weir explained.

I am outraged that the Animal Rights crowd would threaten a human life for not using Faux.

(It should be noted that I am the founding member and President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Fauxs. We are a small organization, with one member, but we plan on doubling our membership before the end of the next decade).


  1. Actually I think the Naugas are extent...probably for a few years.

  2. They are definately hard to find-- I have not seen Nauga hide on the market for years...


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