Thursday, February 11, 2010

British Court Reveals Terrorism Suspect Beaten "Intelligence ties between London and Washington have been jeopardized by a British court's disclosure that a terrorism suspect was beaten and shackled in U.S. custody, diplomats and security officials said Wednesday."

Lets get a couple of things straight-

1. I am generally against inhumane treatment of people
2. I believe the Geneva Conventions should always apply

Since the 1800's the US and Great Britain have had each others backs (ok- historians - I am talking about after 1812) and in the 20th Century the situation has literally been one of the US and Great Britain not just cooperating or being allies but really "brothers." The US-Great Britain relations defy the general rule of international relations- "The best relations between countries are comprised of two nations [screwing] each other- or [screw] your buddy." This is unfortunately what the British did to us today.

Unfortunately the damage has been done- but before MORE damage is done, HRH Elizabeth II needs to step in stop some of this- or at least direct her Prime Minister to stop some of this. Yes, HRH is a constitutional Monarch- but She can direct Her Government's actions to some extent.

Now, with regard to the Geneva Conventions-

These are enemy combatants in a war zone. They are passing themselves as civilians in that they are NOT in uniform. They are committing acts of sabotage and espionage against the Government and intentionally targeting true civilians. They are subject, under the rules of war to having rights deprived and subject to execution.

So, fine- execute them.


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