Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coming Down from the High- People Snapping from Obama Disillusion?

Earlier today I read a very good article that asked the question, Is Disillusionment With Media-Created Obama Causing People to Snap?

This is definitely a question worth asking. After all, the Obama-mania crowd was sure by now that Gitmo would be closed (and I am sure some were thinking that the Bush Administration would be charged with crimes), the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would be ended, and none of us (on the right at least) will forget the "giddy" women who said Obama would pay her gas and mortgage.

Now we are a year and a month down the road, the mid-term election season is starting and we are nowhere near where Obama promised we would be.

Obama is still blaming the Bush Administration for all problems and claiming successes that are not his (such as Iraq). Gitmo is still in operation. NATO is fighting tough battles in Afghanistan. Unemployment is higher than it was last year.

Amy Bishop was one of these Obama-maniacs. She lost her job and then shot up the Biology Department at UAH. Joseph Stack when to his death angry at GM and the Catholic Church and promoting Communism -- he is NOT a right wing "tea-bagger" like the MSM would like us to believe.

Now is Obama to blame? I don't know. He had an entire year of a Super-Majority in the Senate and majority in the House and he got nothing done. Is the "hype" the MSM created to blame? Probably not. But we can say for sure, that both Bishop and Stack have brought attention to this disillusionment.

Just my thoughts...


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