Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joseph Andrew Stack- Plane Crash in Austin- Why He Says He Did It-

Like most people, I have been following the events in Austin. From what we know, Joseph Stack took off in his Piper Cherokee this morning and flew it into a government building housing the IRS.

He took off from Georgetown Airport (KGTU) and flew south to Austin, TX under VFR (visual flight rules). VFR does not require constant contact with Air Traffic Control. Around 10:00 AM CST he flew the Cherokee directly into the IRS building in Austin. One person is still missing as of the time I am writing this...

So why did he do it?

Bottom line, he was a NUT JOB.

After reading his Manifesto, it is apparent to me he is "trying" to make a political statement. The problem is, after reading the document several times, I cannot tell what his political statement is.

Ok, he was angry at the IRS. That much is clear. But he also goes after corporations and the US health care system. He complains that people are not heard by the government and then goes after the G. W. Bush administration. He targets General Motors and the Catholic Church. At the end he promotes communism.

Bottom line, this guy is all over the board. He was obviously disturbed.

But, unfortunately this is being politicized. There are reports of those on the left pointing the the manifesto and calling this guy a "tea-bagger terrorist" (I will not link to those blogs on principle- just to others reporting it).

This was a horrific act by a very sick man. It is unfortunate that there was not another way for this man to get the help he needed. To me though, it appears that this man wanted to blame everyone else in the world for his problems.

Did the man have a "beef" with the IRS? Maybe. I get nauseated every year when I see how much I pay in taxes, and I have had arguements with the IRS myself.

But like the vast majority of people in the US, I don't plan on committing murder or attempting murder and suicide to try to make a point.


  1. But he did retain enough money to own a plane and buy gas.....more than I can do.

  2. That is a very interesting point-- This guy had enough money to live in a very nice area of Austin north of Round Rock-- a house he burned down today-- and he could own the Piper, insure it and manage to keep current enough on flight time.

    For a guy where the world is so bad, money wise, he appears to have money.


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