Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AP Says MSNBC "Liberal"

It is something we in the general public have known for sometime, but it is nice to see the Main Stream Media finally "get it"-- MSNBC is liberal!

The Associated Press today said that MSNBC has a "liberal tilt."
When three MSNBC hosts forecast the winner of next year's presidential race, their choice isn't surprising, considering the network's liberal tilt.

But their respective certainty wasn't uniform when asked that question at an appearance before reporters on Tuesday at a meeting of the Television Critics Association.

This really should not suprise anyone (with half a brain) who has paid any attention to the "bias" of the MSM over the last few decades. What was suprising was the actual point of the story-- the [liberal] press is prediciting a 2012 election victory for Our Great Leader, Barak Hussien Obama, peace be upon him, but there was "concern" expressed in the predictions:
"Hardball" host Chris Matthews waffled, saying Obama's fate will rest largely on the economy as well as his GOP rival.

If the man who gets "a thrill going up [his] leg" is publically concerned about the re-electability of Our Great Leader, Barak Hussien Obama, peace be upon him, just imagine what they are all saying in private.

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  1. "Barack Hussein Obama, peace be upon him..." Nice.


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