Friday, July 29, 2011

Again the GOP Passes a Plan

...and again the Democrat controlled Senate is poised to say no.

If we REALLY look at what the Democrats are saying, it is:

NO we don't want a BALANCED BUDGET.

NO we will not put our Country first, WE (Democrats) are putting OUR Re-Election first by rejecting anything that does NOT get us through the 2012 Election.

NO, WE don't have a plan--except to tell the Republicans NO and then BLAME THEM AND ACCUSE THEM OF BEING OBSTRUCTIONISTS.

Enough is enough. It is time for the DEMOCRATS to give in and say YES.



  1. I am not sure if you are the guy who is running an ad that you are a job creator. I am a staunch republican and small business owner. If you are the gentleman running for office, please stop putting in your ads that you are a job creator. while I agree with the sentiment, that is becoming closely associated with the wealthy, including Romney, that pins our party as elitists, and I think this will harm your campaign more than help it. Just my 2 cents. Steve Hansen, Owner, SJ Tools

    1. I believe you may be referring to Will Cardon-- different spelling and not related (that I am aware off)- He is the one running for office... Of course, there was the Eddie Murphy movie "the Distinguished Gentleman" was about a man with a name similar to a Congressman that just died who got elected on pure name recognition.


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