Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More "Wet Work" in the Middle East

Another nuclear scientist in Iran, Darioush Rezaie, has been killed.  Again, the “scientist” was killed by a pair on a motorcycle in Tehran.  Again, this appears to be “wet-work” by the Mossad.

Several “nuclear scientists” from Tehran have been killed over the last few years.   Iran blames the US and the “Zionist Regime” (aka Israel) for the hits, but no one has admitted responsibility “on the record.”  The German magazine Der Spiegle has claimed that Mossad is behind the deaths of Darioush Rezaie, as well as Masood Ali Mohammadi (January 2010), Majid Schahriari and Feridun Abbasi (November 2010).

It is also believed that Israel (specifically Mossad) may also be behind the Suxnet virus that shutdown the Iranian nuclear [weapons] program in the summer of 2010.


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