Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guns of the Arizona

14 inch gun from the USS Arizona
14 inch gun from the USS Arizona
Today, the Secretary of State of Arizona, Ken Bennett, announced plans to bring the last of the “big guns” of the USS Arizona to the ship’s namesake state,  hopefully in time for the 60th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The last of the 14 inch guns from the main turrets of the battleship are currently sitting in a Virginia US Navy salvage yard.  The Department of Defense will give the gun to Arizona on indefinite loan, under the condition that the State of Arizona also takes a 16 inch gun which was formerly on the USS Missouri.

The plan is for the guns, weighing 70 tons (from the Arizona) and 140 tons (from the Missouri) to be placed on either side of the anchor from the USS Arizona which is located in Wesley Bolin Plaza at the state capital in Phoenix. Private contributions will be used to bring the guns to Arizona, as well as to clean and remove rust, and mount the guns.

Although the article in the Arizona Republic indicated that the Secretary of State was seeking private contributions, no details were provided on where to send contributions.   A call the the Secretary of State’s office was not returned. [See Update: Guns to Salute the Fallen]

Saving these two guns from salvage, and bringing them to Arizona to memorialize the USS Arizona, as well as the end of World War II (with the gun from the Missouri), is a worthwhile cause.   The Carden Chronicles  will continue to follow this project and will provide updates (including where to send contributions) as they are available.


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