Friday, March 12, 2010

President of France Scolds US on KC-X - My Reply--

Earlier this week, Northrop and EADS/Airbus dropped from the KC-X bidding. Boeing will likely be building the KC-767 for the USAF as a result.

From Reuters:
"I did not appreciate this decision ... This is not the right way to behave," Sarkozy said.

"Such methods by the United States are not good for its European allies, and such methods are not good for the United States..

All right Sarkozy- Shut Up!

YOUR COUNTRY has denied US access to your airspace on multiple occassions during military operations- This is part of the reason we NEED tankers-- To deal with nations like FRANCE.

YOUR COUNTRY has OBJECTED to the US being allowed to bid on EU Defense Contracts-- talk about a double standard!

In the words of Jed Bartlett (The West Wing) to the French - "tell those poncy little hairdressers I'm going to shove a loaf of bread up their ass!!!"


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