Saturday, March 13, 2010

Call Congress- Get H.R. 3121 Out of Comittee and Up for Vote

Today is a bit of a relaxing day at home for me, waiting for the unfortunate return of Daylight Savings Time.  Being a Native of Arizona, this whole concept of Daylight Savings Time still drives me nuts- and apparently I am not alone, but I digress.

Part of my relaxing is re-watching Band of Brothers- partially because The Pacific premiers tomorrow. 

While watching I decided to check on some bio's online- one of which is that of Maj. Dick Winters, US Army (Ret.).

For those that did not know, the Lt. Winters, was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in taking out four German 105mm's in the BrĂ©court Manor Assault.  Col Robert Sink nominated Lt. Winters for the CMH, however, at the time, the Army had imposed a limit on the number of CMH's that could be awarded to a division to one, and the CMH had been awarded to Lt Col Robert G. Cole.   Lt. Winters was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.  

Over the years, there have been a couple of bills submitted to Congress seeking change Lt. Winters' citation and award him the CMH.   The current bill is H.R. 3121.   H.R.3121 is still in committee.

If the House can move so quickly on a Health Care Reform bill that NO ONE WANTS, why not move on a bill to Honor a Hero, and by extension, all the men of Easy Company, 2nd Bat., 506 PIR, 101st Airborne.

Maj. Dick Winters is now 92 and living in Hershey, PA. In this case, it would be nice to see Congress move quickly and do something good for a change.

Call your Congressman and ask them to push for action on H.R. 3121.

The official website for the "Award the CMH to Major Winters" Campaign is here.



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