Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Believing Massa about Rahm Emanuel

UPDATE- after watching Glenn Beck's interview- and Beck was correct, it was a waste of time- I will say that there seems a lot more to this story that will come out soon.  I am NOT saying I totally believe former Rep. Eric Massa.   However, I will also state the shower scene that was described, still comes across like it was real.

The shower scene, as told by Rep Eric Massa, definitely sounds like something out of a movie- or a certain White House Based Television Series. Maybe that is because a character in a White House Based Television Series was based on Rahm Emanuel. Perhaps the pure chutzpah of Emanuel confronting Massa naked in the shower is what leads me to believe that Massa may very well be telling the truth.

Let's take a look at Rahm Emanuel- aka Rahmbo (which Josh Lyman was called also- after telling a Senator he could shove his "legislative agenda up his ass")

He is a trained ballet dancer (by the way, West Wing fans will remember Josh Lyman also saying when he was four he wanted to be a ballet dancer).

He is short- somewhere between 5'5" and 5'7" and in my personal opinion probably suffers from Short Man Syndrome or Napoleon Complex.

He is a devoted Jew and served as a civilian volunteer the Israeli Defense Forces during the first- half of the Gulf War (i.e. 1991- there was NO Second Gulf War- the "First" War ended in cease fire that was violated by Iraq- therefore, the "second" war was just the war restarting). This is one thing I actually respect about Emanuel.

Rahm Emanuel's father Benjamin was a member of the Irgun. The fact that his father was a member of Irgun -and not the Haganah- I believe to be significant. The Irgun was a militant break-off of the Haganah, and is known for the bombing of the King David Hotel on July 22, 1946. Rahm was raised by an active militant- that some called terrorist.

Emanuel has a foul mouth- YouTube has a compilation of his use of the "F" word on various TV shows.

He has been reported to have a Bugsy Siegel style when it comes to fund raising- insulting and embarrassing contributors and hanging up on them. The contributors call back and donate more.

He "cautioned" (one report says "threatened") PM Tony Blair at one point, telling him not to "f--- it up" as Blair was walking out to make a statement with Clinton.

After the 1992 Clinton Election, Emanuel was witnessed sitting at a dinner table with George Stephanopoulos and others, screaming a list of Clinton enemies names and stabbing a steak knife into the table and saying "Dead! Dead! Dead!"

He sent a wrapped dead, rotting fish to a pollster who irritated him.  (This also was part of a West Wing Episode with Josh Lyman sending the dead fish).

So, with this kind of history- and I am only scratching the surface here- I would tend to believe the story Massa tells- at least about Emanuel.

This is who we have running the operations of the White House- a guy who probably would have done well in the Chicago Mafia and who has no problem forcing his will on whoever and however he wants.

(I know, based site reports, that I have readers both in Congress and the White House- or at least readers on those networks- I look forward to any obscene call I may personally get from Mr. Emanuel. I will report it to you all if I do.)


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