Sunday, January 31, 2010

WH Spokesman Discusses KSM Execution Before Trial Location Decided

Robert Gibbs decided to discuss executing KSM, before even the venue of the trial has been finally decided.

I agree that KSM should be executed. However, my opinion is that this should have been handled by the military and the military tribunal process.

Unfortunately, some hot shot defense attorney is going to get up on appeal and point to Gibbs' statement and say that the trial was not fair-- the outcome was pre-determined.

Of course, the defense attorney is also going to scream that the trial was unfair because of "pre-trial publicity."

All in all, I really wonder if a conviction will stand. There are too many loopholes (as there should be) in civilian law. Civilian law should never apply to any enemy combatant.

I am so glad we have a Constitutional Lawyer in the Whitehouse to make sure that terrorists' "rights" are being preserved.


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