Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kris Kobach Running for Secretary of State

GOOD NEWS for Kansas! (ok, so this is not "new" news-but I have not written on it and I only recently found out)

Dr. Kris Kobach is running for Secretary of State for the State of Kansas.

Dr. Kobach is a professor of Constitutional Law, former White House Fellow, past Chair of the Kansas GOP and a regular contributor on O'Reilly and Lou Dobbs. Kris also spends his time fighting against the over-reaching of the ACLU.

With Kris as Secretary of State, Kansans can rest assured that he will be doing everything possible to make sure that at least in Kansas, the illegal voter operations of groups like ACORN will stop- and that only those that have the right to vote, get to vote.

Kris takes a firm stance against illegal immigration. Most recently, he has taken the case of Nebraska students who are required to pay out-of-state tuition while illegal aliens are allowed to pay in-state tuition.

Of course, the liberals of the "CommunistKansas City Star" (I hate linking to and giving "idiotic" statements traffic, but I must site sources) are basically accusing Kris of all sorts of racism and all manner of evil. Apparently, illegal aliens who are over 18 should be given a free pass and be allowed to pay "resident" tuition while legal immigrants are required to pay "non-resident" tuition.

I fail to understand why a person who is in this country ILLEGALLY should receive special discounts, while people who obey the rules are required to pay full price.

I also fail to understand why those of us who disagree with illegal immigration are constantly accused of racism. In case liberals where not aware, according to the Border Patrol 2008 Performance and Accountability Report, "in FY 2008, the Border Patrol apprehended 51,970 illegal OTM [other than Mexican] aliens at the southwest border and 3,681 OTMs along the northern border." Illegal aliens come from all races and colors. Illegal immigration has NOTHING to do with any one race.

Michelle Malkin mentions Kris in her book "Culture of Corruption"


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