Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He Shall from Time to Time- My Preview of the State of the Union

"He shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union...

A Preview of the State of the Union -
Tonight, the President fulfills one of his Constitutionally required duties that were set forth by the Founding Fathers, although I doubt the Founding Fathers ever envisioned the show we will see tonight.

I began to think about why the Founding Fathers thought that this task was so important that it be spelled out. Looking back, to the days without instant global communication, when news travelled slowly if at all, individual Congressmen may not know what was happening outside their state or District. The Office of the President however, would be perceived to be one that would be a clearinghouse of information and that He would know the actual "state" of the Union.

Now I am not so naive as to think that politics did not enter into the thoughts of the Founding Fathers, but I would like to think, that perhaps in an era without "instant dial" focus groups, live television, the internet and dare I say "bloggers," perhaps the State of the Union was a bit more of a factual event and less of a show.

So in the spirit of providing a "factual" State of the Union, I thought I would provide a preview of the State of the Union-- of what really SHOULD be said tonight...

"My fellow Americans--

It has been a year since the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party took a 'super-majority' control of the Congress and the White House. Liberals have had control of the agenda, from what laws and budget are proposed to the sixty votes in the Senate that can break any filibuster to the signature of the President. Liberals have had the power to provide 'change' and Fiscal policy has been under control of the Democrats . Yet things are worse now then they were last year and tonight, in this State of the Union, the Republicans and Bush will be blamed.

Over the last year, the Democrats in Congress and the Office of the President have sought to stimulate the economy. As such, your Government is spending $862 billion of the peoples money and watching unemployment increase to 10%.

This recession began in January of 2007 under a REPUBLICAN and during the TWO YEARS between January 2007 and January 2009, Unemployment increased from 5.0% to 7.6%. This is a 2.6% increase in unemployment over TWO YEARS of Republicans. However, under Democratic control, from January 2009 until December 2009 unemployment has increased to 10%. This shows an unemployment increase of 2.4% in only 11 months! But for this, the Republicans must be blamed.

The Administration must squash business with Cap and Trade. This, despite increasing evidence that ManBearPig the theory of Man Made Global Warming is a fraud.

And in the business surrounding science, this administration, should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out of destroying as many current science and technology jobs as possible and kill America's drive for the stars, its history of discovery and the countless jobs, products, and inventions that our exploration of space as brought us.

During this last year, this administration has embarrassed this country in foreign relations. In giving the Prime Minister of Great Britain a set of DVD's and the Queen an iPod containing "the best of Obama" to isolating Israel, the Administration has snubbed our greatest allies. Advisors, such as Brezinski have suggested military attacks on those we call friends. Yet through this, this Administration has sought to provide the rights of American Citizens to those that seek to kill us, and this Administration will make sure that the terrorists of Al Qaeda receive a Civilian trial instead of the War Crimes trial they deserve. However- it was Bush who lied and started all of this and this is all the Republicans fault.

Let it not be said that this administration has not tried to spread socialism. But for this Conservative from Massachusetts, socialized medicine would be a done deal. Again, this is the fault of a Republican who dared to say he would oppose the Health Care bill as it is now and duped the people into believing him.

The American people need change, just not the change they say the want. How can 48% want a new President, while only 43% say they would re-elect the Messiah?

Rush Limbaugh, George Bush, Hannity, Beck, Scott Brown and the Republicans are REALLY the ones to blame as are the American people. This administration only wishes to force on its citizens what liberals know to be best, despite what the people want or what is stated in the Constitution.

In this next year, although this Administration will say IT will change, rest assurred, it is only to get re-elected. This administration shall stay dedicated to its knowledge that IT knows better than the American people and that this Administration shall decide what is best for you and more importantly what is best for us to maintain control.

Thank you,

And may God Bless America

(Don't worry, if this administration manages to get re-elected "God" will be on the "hit-list" next-- after all, what is the name of God doing in a "state" speech anyway?)



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