Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama Backing Down- Moving KSM Trial Out of NYC

According to the NY Daily News, the White House has finally heard the chorus of people stating "keep the terrorists out of NYC." Of course, the biggest problem is that they are still saying they want a civilian trial.

Just moving the KSM trial out of NYC is not enough. The KSM trial needs to be moved back to military jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, the military charges were dropped against the terrorists, so I am am curious if there would be a jeprody issue. Of course, civilian charges have not be leveled either... so right now, KSM and his budies have not been charged with anything anywhere.


  1. No, charges which are dropped can be refiled.

    Military tribunals always were the proper venue for trying these people. They should have been tried and executed years ago. Bush never should have let them live to see the end of his term.

  2. Unfortunately you are right, they should not have lived to the end of Bush's term- better yet, they were enemy combatants caught out of uniform in a war zone- they should have been treated according to the Geneva convention and executed-- immediately


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