Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Semler Resigns-- Funkhouser- "This position is not about Immigration"

Frances Semler (74), an embattled member of the Kansas City, Missouri Parks Board, finally threw in the towel on Monday night. For months she had been harassed in the media, and blasted by liberal activist groups, all because she was a member of the Minutemen.

KC Mayor Mark Funkhouser said he regretted her resignation and that he had refused an earlier resignation attempt by Semler. He also said there should NOT be a litmus test and the position on the Parks Board was "not about immigration," but he did add the the issue needs discussion.

Selmer said her decision was based on a lack of private support from the Mayor, citing things like the Mayor asking her not to attend the Minuteman Convention.

La Raza and the Southern "Christian" Leadership Conference had both urged boycotts of Kansas City and had cancelled their conventions that were scheduled for Kansas City.

The Minutemen on the other hand, decided they SHOULD host their convention in Kansas City.

My question is, what happened to freedom of speech and association? Has it completely given way to rule by minority opinion and political correctness?


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