Thursday, January 24, 2008

Al Qaeda's Funniest Home Videos

Hopefully, Al Qaeda is keeping track of these things for a Blooper Real or Funniest Home Videos

First, on Tuesday, a terrorist blew up himself and three buddies. He was putting on his bomb vest and.... Whoopsie!!!!!

Then Yesterday, another terrorist was leaving his apartment in Afghanistan to go kill himself and others. He started walking down the stairs and either he wasn't paying attention or maybe his robes were too long, or maybe his towel on his head came undone and fell over his eyes. He tripped going down the stairs and KABOOM!!!!! Unfortunately three bystanders outside on the street were injured.

You know, these terrorists just do the darnedest things!!!

DMartyr over at Al Salibiyyah has a great article about the number of times Homicide Bombers screw up! It is enjoyable to read how many times it happens.

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