Wednesday, June 24, 2020

An Open Letter to New York


While I appreciate the fact that you want to protect your residents, please remember the COVID outbreak hit YOUR STATE before we had our first case in ARIZONA.   Therefore, in all likelihood, THE DISEASE CAME FROM YOU!  YOU GAVE IT TO IS.  

This stopping and possibly fining anyone with an out of state plate on their vehicle is WRONG and UNCONSTITUTIONAL- a STATE MAY NOT PREVENT TRAVEL.   INTERSTATE TRAVEL IS A PROTECTED RIGHT per the Constitution.  OF COURSE we in ARIZONA understand that YOU don’t respect the Constitution anyway- and consider it to be something you can ignore.  AFTER ALL, look at how you treat the Second Amendment!!!!

YOU have the highest counts in your state and stating that residents of a state that have a 10 per 100,000 residents infection rate - WHICH IS .01% INFECTION- must be quarantined for two weeks screams of absurdity.  

Are you sure that you are not just discriminating against RED STATES (ok, you have Washington State on your list but why not CA? Their infections just climbed 40%) You already disparage and insult us by saying we are just “flyover country.”   Your residents refer to us as uneducated and uncultivated.   I’m sure YOUR citizens probably think WE don’t really matter anyway and good riddance.  

We will remember this.   Perhaps it is time we ban NEW YORKERS.  YOU have thousands of more case than we do.  Perhaps we should boycott products from your state- again, they could have been touched by people who are infected. But you know what, we are above that.   We won’t stoop to YOUR LEVEL.  But YOUR ACTIONS, still anger us.  (PERSONALLY, I’m finally starting to understand why people in the 1800’s may have thought of their STATE FIRST- then the rest of the Union).  

So keep your ban on us uncultured, uneducated, rednecked people from flyover country - it just shows how RIDICULOUS your states actions and attitudes are. 

With a LACK of RESPECT, 



PS- Governor Cuomo, go to hell!



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