Thursday, June 25, 2020

On Slavery Reparations

Thoughts on the California Slavery Reparations that were approved in the State House and are on the way to the State Senate:


California entered the Union as a FREE state.  Slavery was never legal in the State of California.   During the Civil War (aka the War of Northern Aggression for my friends from the South) California was in the UNION.  So why does California feel it needs to pay Slavery Reparations? (Hint - it’s a political stunt). 

Slavery Reparations have been paid - they were paid in some of my ancestor’s blood.  They were paid in the 800,000 UNION casualties (recent studies have shown the original 620000 casualties number was grossly underestimated).  

A war was fought - partially or mostly as a result of Slavery.  Yes, some freed slaves fought on BOTH sides (the Confederacy integrated its Army In February, 1865 - the war actually ended in June 1865 with the last battle in Texas).  Some slaves fought with the south on the promise of freedom.   

The fact remains that hundreds of thousands died and were wounded in a large part to end slavery and provide freedom.  We won’t get into the punishment taken by the South over slavery- it certainly could be argued that the utter destruction the South suffered, the post Civil War legislation passed by the Congress, and the financial devastation suffered by the South was a result of their support of slavery.  

If we want to talk reparations for Civil Rights violations that have been suffered by people alive today- GREAT! Let’s have that discussion.  THAT is what should be discussed.  

But SLAVERY Reparations? We paid that price over 150 year’s ago, and it was paid in blood.



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