Monday, January 27, 2020

Are You 18-20 This Election? Your Vote MAY Count- BUT YOU DON'T! Not To the Candidates or Your Government

All across the United States, there are young people looking forward to their FIRST Presidential Election.   I remember the first time I voted for President.  I thought, "Wow! I am an adult and now MY opinion on who should be President counts!"   The difference between when I voted, and when 18 to 21 year-old's vote this year?   Well, the Candidates and the Government were not as "obvious" DO NOT CARE ONE LITTLE BIT about the voting block of those aged 18 to 21.
So, Who Cares What Under 21's Think?

Let me be clear with what I am saying.  Your Government and almost EVERY Candidate for President do not care what 18-21 year-old's think, nor do they care how you will vote!  How do I know? Well, just a few weeks ago Your Government said that you may be an adult at 18, but you are no longer old enough to decide for yourself if you want to use, or continue to use tobacco, or vaping products.   And that is just the latest restriction on those under 21.

Mr. Michael Bloomberg is pushing this even further.   Mr. Bloomberg does not want the 2nd Amendment to apply to those under 21.   Now, to be fair, Mr. Bloomberg does not want the 2nd Amendment to exist at all.  However, Bloomberg has been pushing for those under 21 to be restricted from purchasing ANY firearm.   Federal Law says only those 21 or older can purchase handguns.  But Bloomberg wants it to be 21 for ALL Firearms, and some States have actually passed laws that prevent anyone under 21 from purchasing any and ALL Firearms.  Most of the Democratic Candidates for President think this is actually a good idea (it appears that Mayor Pete Buttigieg has not made any significant proposals to restrict firearms).

So, lets look at the ENTIRE picture.   You are 20 years old.   You are married (you may get married at 18).  You have a child (You are legally allowed to make decisions for your child).   You have a job and therefore you pay taxes (I guess it is NO surprise that the government believes anyone of any age should be required to pay taxes).   BUT, if you live in a rough area, buying any type firearm to defend your family is against the law in some jurisdictions (and Bloomberg wants it to be NATIONWIDE).   BUT WAIT! What if you BREAK the law and try to purchase a gun in one of these Jurisdictions?  Basically you are going to be charged with something like "Attempted Firearms Purchase by a MINOR" - you are only 20 after all, not 21.   But don't worry, YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED AS AN ADULT!!!!

You may not be allowed to smoke or vape. BUT, you ARE old enough for a "lethal injection" for capital offenses.

Mr. Bloomberg wants to make sure that the 2nd Amendment applies only to those 21 or older (for now), but DON"T WORRY, your Government can DRAFT into the Armed Forces at 18 or you may ENLIST (and yes they will issue you a gun). 

You may not DRINK at 18, but you can file bankruptcy.  You can sign contracts. You are COMPLETELY LIABLE AS AN ADULT. But you really aren't.

Of course none of this really matters.  Those of us that the Government listens to (somewhat) are all over 21 already!   Many are Senior Citizens and OF COURSE no one is going to try taking OUR rights away. 

EXCEPT For those ideas that Mr. Bloomberg has- ideas he put forth in New York!  Like telling Adults that they were not able to decide for themselves what size DRINKS they can buy at convenience stores.   And what about his ideas that some people may be TOO OLD to buy guns.  To be fair, there has been no mention of that in these elections.  But lets face it, BLOOMBERG and JUST ABOUT EVERY OTHER DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE wants to RESTRICT current gun laws-- not just for those under 21- for ALL of us (again, it appears that Mayor Pete Buttigieg has NOT made any significant proposals to restrict firearms).

The Government and the Presidential Candidates KNOW that 18-20 year-old's are NOT going to run to the polls and vote.   The Government and the Presidential Candidates KNOW they can pass ANY LAWS THEY WANT restricting the rights and privileges of 18-20 year-old's without having to deal with any blow-back in the polls.  Oh, they may pay lip service to these "young adults" and talk about how it is THEY who will live with climate change, but if they really were worried about what those young adult voters would do. they would have taken away young adults ability to use nicotine or to VAPE to QUIT SMOKING (Like the United Kingdom ENCOURAGES) until a NON-ELECTION year. The fact that this was done just prior to an election means politicians will campaign bragging how they placed restrictions on VOTING AGED ADULTS and say it is a GOOD thing.

Once upon a time, Government restricting voters for legal activities, or Candidates like BLOOMBERG campaigning that they want to REPEAL enumerated rights would have sparked outrage. Now it is status quo.

What's next?  It's just people in their 90's who are being restricted....

Or maybe 25 is when one should have the full rights of an adult....

But maybe the Catholic Church is right to prevent those over 79 from voting in Papal Elections... perhaps that should be a rule for (fill in the blank).

Now before anyone gets worked up, remember, its 18-20 year-old's that government is restricting.

They may be able to vote, and they may be legal adults, but, \they are just kids....


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