Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time to Consider Secession?

The ruling on SB1070 is NOT what has caused me to begin to think that it may be time for Arizona to secede from the United States- it is the response of Our Great Leader, His Imperial Majesty Barack I (Peace be Upon Him) and his lapdog, Janet (I'm a Traitor to My State) Napolitano.

Apparently, I am not the only one who is thinking so or has brought this idea up.

The issue is simple- the Federal Government has stripped Arizona of its Sovereignty.   They have ceded our State to Mexico and openly support an invasion of Mexican citizens into Arizona.

Immigration is a LEGAL status.   There is no ILLEGAL Immigration- You either are an Immigrant, a Citizen, a Visitor, or you are invading.  There are NO other options.  

When the US Government states openly it will no longer stop Illegal Aliens/Invaders to Arizona- When they state openly they will STRIP Arizona of the ability to enforce FEDERAL LAWS, they have abdicated their right to govern.

To refuse to take calls from Arizona Law Enforcement who are doing their jobs as defined and allowed by ALL EIGHT JUSTICES who heard Arizona v United States, yet set up a line to take calls from people who ALLEGE they have had their Civil Rights violated, BEFORE the law actually takes effect is beyond belief and beyond reproach.

The CONSTANT and CONTINUAL attacks on Arizona MUST STOP.  The Sovereignty of our State must come first- Or it is time to Secede. 



  1. Matt,
    This attack is not just on AZ but it is an attack on America and the fundamentals that it was built on. This problem extends way beyond AZ. It is the not so slow change from a government that has the people in mind but what the person in charge wants to see happen.
    And the majority of America is just fine to sit by and watch it happen.


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