Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fast and Furious- The Holder Contempt Vote

Tomorrow will be a huge day with the Supreme Court announcing the ruling on Obama Care and its Tax Hikes and the Holder Contempt vote for his decision to defy Congress's lawful subpoena asking for documents regarding the testimony Holder gave to Congress stating "No one knew anything about Fast and Furious"-- which he then retracted in a letter about 9 months later.

Unfortunately, based on the recent history of Our Great Leader, HRH Barak I, (Peace be upon him) in going around Congress on immigration, defying the Courts in the ruling on SB1070, and his stated goal of "not waiting" for the Congress and acting on his own, I STRONGLY SUSPECT, that shortly after the House cites Holder for Contempt, His Imperial Majesty Barack Hussein Obama, will just issue a pardon for Eric Holder, stating this was all a Republican witch hunt and then say something to the effect "well, President Ford issued a pardon for Nixon,"  Fast and Furious was the same thing as what President Bush did (Operation Wide Receiver), and Congress should sit down and shut up.  He will also go back to the "Executive Privilege" claim.

ICE Agent Jamie Zapata
On the claim of Executive Privilege- my first response to Executive Privilege is sorry-- the President has stated he knew NOTHING about  Fast and Furious- How can there be Presidential Communication about something he knew nothing about?

My second response Executive Privilege?   Sorry--  United States. v. Nixon 418 US 683 (1974) states executive privilege does not cover criminal activity.  Congress is investigating Criminal Activity and there is evidence already that "high levels" of the administration of Our Great Leader, HRH Barack I (Peace be Upon Him), knew of and were briefed on Fast and Furious- despite denials of the Administration.

On "its the same thing Bush did"-- There are MAJOR differences between Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious. Operation Wide Receiver was run by BATFE by placing RFID markers in gun stocks and following straw purchasers and arresting them.   Wide Receiver was ended when Justice found problems with the RFID markers AND Wide Receiver was conducted in COOPERATION with the Mexican government.   In contrast, Fast and Furious was run WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE of Mexico and included few if any RFID markers.  Wide Receiver covered 275 guns-- Fast and Furious, OVER 2000!

On "this is a Republican Witch Hunt"--Unfortunately, the facts and the record seem to get in the way of the denials and the cover up.  Democratic Congressman Ciro Rodriguez of Texas, a member of the Appropriations Committee, requested a $30 Million increase for the Justice Department for the parent of Fast and Furious, Operation Gunrunner.  The appropriation request was made in March of 2009- with Fast and Furious beginning less than six months later. How could a Congressman know about money needed for a Justice Department operation, unless he had been briefed on the operation and asked to appropriate the money?  Or are we saying the Congressman just made the whole thing up as some place to park $30 million?

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry
On March 12, 2010 Gary Grindler, Attorney General Holder's current Chief of Staff, attended a meeting on Fast and Furious where he wrote on his notes "multiple long rifle sales," "Fast and Furious," and notes about long gun reporting and multiple weapons sales.  He also wrote "seizures in Mexico"-- but remember, the Justice Department said they knew nothing of Fast and Furious.
The list of these events goes on and on.

Why care?  Because the reason for Fast and Furious was simple- If American's are outraged about Guns from Arizona going to Mexico, they would support a renewal of the Assault Weapon's Ban.   This was the stated goal of Eric Holder as early as 2009.

On "Ford pardoned Nixon"-- No one died from the Watergate break in.

Lest we forget, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed on December 15, 2010, by guns purchased in January 2010 through Fast and Furious, allowed to leave Phoenix, cross the border, and show up in the hands of drug traffickers. 

Lest we also forget ICE Agent Jamie Zapata was killed in February 2011, also with guns from Fast and Furious.
Lest we also forget, hundreds of others are estimated to have been killed directly from Fast and Furious.

But of course, Our Great Leader is probably right--  this is all nothing and just a distraction...



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