Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Talk About Unreasonable

It never ceases to amaze me at how there seems to be a sense of "entitlement" among some in the Public sector.   This time it is the teacher's union's in Chicago- demanding a 29% pay increase over the next two years and refusing to consider changing the length of the school day (Chicago has the shortest school day in the nation).

To be fair- there are some teachers who do not get paid enough. I will gladly concede that point.  But 29%???

As long as I am taking a shot at the Democrat's sacred cow, I will attempt to "confuse the issue" with FACTS.
  • The Median Salary for a CHICAGO Teacher is already $53,639 (or $288 per day for working a 186 day school year). A 29% increase would make the median salary $69,194 (or $372 per day for working a 186 day school year)
Personally, as previously stated, I believe some teachers should be paid more.  However, a demand for a 29% increase for those already being paid far above the national average is totally unreasonable.

There are two ways that teachers take-home pay could easily be increased:
  • Stop paying Union Dues (let the teacher's keep the money themselves)- of course, that would DEFINITELY decrease the money going to Democratic Candidates and the Democratic Party  the NEA.
  • Get rid of the US Department of Education- keep the money in the States.  Now, I did go to a Public High School, but in my US Government class I seem to remember something about a 10th Amendment to our Constitution- and I don't seem to remember seeing ANYTHING in the Constitution about a requirement for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to regulate education (NO- EDUCATION IS NOT PART OF THE COMMERCE CLAUSE). Of course, our Current Administration (and the George Soros owned Democratic Party) has NO regard for the Constitution- as they have shown again this week.  All they care about is re-election.
I am fine with merit pay, and I am fine with REASONABLE increases in salary-- but this is way beyond reason.



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